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  1. No, not entirely. Comorbidity includes COVID-19, increased entertainment options, and decrease in religion and patriotism (in terms of a support structure).
  2. Very true. And from there to Bayonne and I forget where else. He was another Drum Corps genius that passed way too young.
  3. That's how I've understood it all these years. Maybe it's not true, but the four friends I have that marched in Bayonne feel the same.
  4. There still needs to be some sort of governing body so that everyone plays by the same rules. Other than that, I don’t see their value. Is the activity better off today than it was in 1972? Drum Corps is still a small niche activity within a niche activity (marching band). It should have been something close to an Olympic sport by now. Instead its on life support and flat lining is within view.
  5. Anyone that needs sheet music to play El Capitan needs to turn in their Band-Geek card.
  6. The Kingsmen folding didn't really affect Drum Corps other than everyone got to move up a spot. There was a diaspora from Anaheim to Concord, Santa Clara, Freelancers, Bayonne, 2-7, all over. Yours truly to South Central L.A. (U.S.C).
  7. I liked being a "trained robot". I thought that was the idea.
  8. Finals always falls around my birthday, so on Saturday night we have a dinner. After everyone leaves, I go out on the patio with a cigar and my 4th or 5th glass of Paso Robles cab. I fire-up my laptop to see who came in second to Blue Devils. My wife calls down from upstairs to ask if I’m coming to bed. I tell her “in a minute” and then spend the next couple hours watching old-school Drum Corps on YouTube while reminiscing to myself. It’s a tradition I’ll miss this year.
  9. Drill are so much less symmetrical in modern Drum Corps so maybe not, but someone else would need to chime in on how it's handled today.
  10. Not necessarily. Holes were very undesirable and people were put out there just to hold a horn and fill a vacant spot. They were called "Plugs" in my era. It was a tough job because often they had to learn quickly and at the last minute.
  11. Yes they were!!! After we folded I wanted to wear one and play Crown Imperial. We had family in Connecticut and it could have worked out, but ultimately decided to go to college and drink instead.
  12. It's exhausting batting down all of your straw man arguments especially on a Sunday! In 1974 I wouldn't have wanted to have worn whatever they did in 1934, so it's not a stretch to think the same holds true for the current generation. That said, I believe that marketing a change of uniforms (as the Cadets have) to a "more modern costume" is a mistake and a turn-off to (most) 17 - 21 year old young men. From what I read most here disagree and some mock this notion. That's fine too.
  13. There's nothing wrong with changing design, moving to lighter weight material since there are more options now, that sort of thing, but "costumes" are for Halloween, balls, and color guards. If you think I'm wrong and that (most) 17 - 21 year old young men are clamoring to wear a costume.......all I can tell you is not where I live.
  14. I'm sure they are more breathable and comfortable, but can we keep calling them UNIFORMS and not "costumes"? Semantics matter 🙂
  15. Changing uniforms is one thing, but....."costumes"....for horn and drum line? Not seeing how that's an attractive concept for (most) young men 17 to 21. If it is, then this is a No Drum Corps for Old Men kind of thing.
  16. I have faith there will be a pared-down version of Drum Corps in 2021 in terms of national touring, and a full-scale DCI championship in Indianapolis as we're used to.
  17. I hope you're right about Ayala. I only say that because the message on their website is a month old and doesn't sound like it has to do with Mr. Jackson (am I wrong?) Also, there's no such thing as a Chino, or Chino Hills Sheriff's Department.
  18. He taught the Seattle Imperials color guard in 1977 (pre-WGI) and they beat everybody on the West Coast. They wore ballet slippers when everyone else wore black English riding boots.
  19. He was in the Kingsmen before my time but later came back and taught our guard periodically while I was there. What a talent he was! I think it's fair to say he introduced dance to color guard and drum corps at large.
  20. I believe you. Mandarins aside........the Chino Valley School District (Ayala) needs to look at this.