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  1. I’m sorry. I’m just a jerk (at times). I hope you find what you’re looking for.
  2. And you provided the second half of the equation; complaining about complaining. Is this not a message board? People voice opinions and observations.
  3. I’m not answering your question, and I’m sure you don’t need a snarky comment, but I can’t help myself. When “show designers” have to make YouTube videos to explain what we’re sums up the state of modern drum corps.
  4. Musta been 1971, or 70, before my time. BTW. It may take us a long time to pee, but old men rule!
  5. If they meant the Anaheim Kingsmen........never heard of it. And I’m old.
  6. Ouch!! So even Pacific Crest ends up being a feeder corps for BD & SCV?
  7. Drum Corps based out of the state of Texas, not members of other corps from Texas.
  8. That makes sense, but I don’t think So Calif has a particularly strong HS band program and there hasn’t been a top-tier Drum Corps since the Kingsmen (one may be able to argue V.K). Pacific Crest doesn’t count - yet at least.
  9. I don’t know anything about the drama involving Madison these days, but I do sympathize with being upset at the loss of tradition (all-male corps). That’s too bad.
  10. Never understood why the state of Texas has not produced a top-tier Drum Corps. They have money, strong high school band programs, it seems like a natural fit. Maybe it’s the weather?
  11. Yes! Wittenberg = Lucas Oil Stadium & Gaudy Over-Produced modern Drum Corps = Indulgences. I shall get my scroll and start working on it.
  12. I’m looking forward to a “Reformation” in Drum Corps. So many props, so many gimmicks, so much running around sideways (even snares!), so much Pit (how many xylophones & marimbas do you really need?), so much overproduction that it detracts from the overall raw power and visual beauty of the brass ensemble. It doesn’t need to be 1974 again either, but, c’mon, less is more!
  13. How/Why the cost of college has risen astronomically is another topic outside of Drum Corps. However, and I can only speak for California, going to college here is still affordable if you go the J.C. route and then transfer to a state school (U.C. or C.S.U). I went to a private school (USC) and did Drum Corps having a single parent mother. That was a different era, but in all eras sacrifices and hard work are required.
  14. The stat quoted said 72% are full time college students, so that means 28% are not. What’s wrong with that? And you don’t have to be “well-to-do” to go to college either. There’s tons of scholarships, grants, and you can go two years to a J.C. before transferring to a state school. No shame in that game.
  15. I was comatose to Drum Corps at the time amplification was introduced. What was the reasoning for it?
  16. Overall, a shot of testosterone into Drum Corps wouldn’t hurt from my point of view. And I always thought Madison’s uniforms were very cool.
  17. Now that is ONE change in Drum Corps I definitely like! The percentage of full-time college students was nothing close to 72% BITD. Very happy to see that
  18. Wow. In 2019 I had no idea high school marching bands could be this good. No wonder many here think adding WW to Drum Corps is no big deal, as bands look like Drum Corps now. I may have to re-think my position on “Bandos”
  19. I’m already boycotting Nike, so now I gotta boycott UA too (and I will!). What’s left for me to wear, Lululemon!?
  20. Devolving into inferred name calling reveals the bankruptcy of your argument. Thank you for making my point for me.