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  1. Pull out videotapes from the 80s, hope that the player will still work, and relive the early years of my almost half-century following drum corps. The "Tube," too; catch 'em while you can. Read more, certainly. (Hope there is a high school band season ... and FLO : )
  2. If you care about the future of The Cadets, support them now. Deduction or not. If you contribute philanthropically merely for the deduction, perhaps you should mindfully reconsider your giving. The 501c3 filing will come through.
  3. Thirty years in fund-raising. Confirming: the #1 reason people say they do not give, "I was not asked." (Indirect communication -- brochures, e-mail, et al -- are simply that: indirect communication. They are not "asks.")
  4. I'll bite. Blue Devils will earn its first three-in-a-row championship this year in 2021. It will complete the corps' historic standing among drum and bugle corps of all time. And likely will never be replicated. I do hope that 2-3 corps make the final summit an arduous task for the Devils. The pinnacle will feel that much more celebratory! (And my posting about it, correct.)
  5. Director of Member Experience is a relatively new title, with expanded responsibilities, for any number of positions: Membership Director is one. Recruit, Engagement, Customer Service, are other position titles that could come under this new metric. Whether this position with the Blue Knights is merely a title change, or will include new approaches, it does keep up with industry evolution. An all-around good thing! Here is just one way to look at the position: "Member experience is how someone sees, uses, and interacts with your association. It's also one of the most important tools
  6. Do I recall correctly; isn't The Troopers Alumni Corps (they are calling it "Project") working towards championships in 2023, the 65th anniversary of the corps? I greatly enjoy the alumni corps when they perform at championships. That's plenty reminder-of enough for me.
  7. A season away from my 50th -- 2021. While the competition matters -- yeah, I still gripe to friends if my favorites don't get the numbers -- here is the single most important thing I want these days: For the entire slate to be as entertaining as it was last year! Since this is the prediction thread: I'll be surprised if Blue Devils don't make it 20-in-20. If they don't, I am sure that I will be thrilled with the winner! (I have two possibilities tucked into my back pocket: blue and green)
  8. Perhaps this? More smaller stadiums, like Middle Tennessee State and, yes, Whitewater. Acknowledging the weather implications. Thing is: they would be less costly, and because they are smaller venues, might sell out more readily. Nothing boosts crowd interest like a SOLD OUT sign. For me, both sight and sound vantages are better in smaller stadiums.
  9. Just a slight pushback to Misters "Garfield" and Ream; while supporting "WaxDCIFan's" comments. Perhaps long-range thinking ought be applied to marketing the organization, just as you gentlemen, both long-time posters, followers, fans, and leaders often suggest. Neither DCI, nor Drum Corps International, encapsulate the activity today. While thought and consideration is being given to the continual remaking of the product itself, why not do the same thing -- finally -- to the public facing image? They are already halfway there.
  10. Sticking to my guns on this one: now is the time -- especially with the woodwind vote rebuke -- to rename the organization its tagline now for several years. MARCHING MUSIC'S MAJOR LEAGUE DCI is a well-known brand, to a small subset of people. The activity should be perceived at a higher level than it is. I contend (and have for some time) that a new name, coupled with an aggressive marketing plan and its application over time, can begin to forge both the concept, and the product, in the minds of middle America. As the product continues to change and morph, also over time, the basi
  11. The new name for the organization is already in use, as a tagline: MARCHING MUSIC'S MAJOR LEAGUE Sadly, it might fit this new iteration of the activity even better than it does today.
  12. Continued good holiday seasons, everyone! Dinosaur here; 48th year into drum corps fandom. Have to say, for me, I have never enjoyed the activity more than right now. Certainly I can still conjure the initial, youthful goosebumps reliving shows from my early decades, but as long as the performance levels are as high as they continue to be, I'll be a half-centurion! Only potential downside to the woodwind addition; many of the most competitive bands just-might-almost-perhaps score in the upper teens now. Beef up percussion packages and guard performance, and -- cough, cough -- what's
  13. DCIBands is a great name! But I thought the activity all but renamed itself -- correctly -- a few years ago. They just didn't go all-in on marketing it: Marching Music's Major League All encompassing.
  14. Thank you for the clarification. Clearly I did not fully research the program. My apologies. I read a great piece on AXIOS' website earlier today, about "giving circles." The gist is that "Philanthropy tends to center on a small number of affluent donors, but a grassroots movement known as "giving circles" — in which more modest donors pool their resources — has been gaining popularity. The big picture: Giving circles are still a drop in the philanthropic bucket, but proponents say they open the field to younger and more diverse donors — and broaden the reach of giving." Might w