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  1. Not yet, but I will at some point. I was simply commenting on the title/graphics.
  2. Not really, just my immediate reaction to the title and graphic presentation of the material. Different times...
  3. For a corps that lived off of moving forward and innovation for forty years, "looking backwards" seems an odd choice.
  4. Uh, no. https://www.factcheck.org/2022/04/social-media-posts-misrepresent-tennessee-bill-allowing-common-law-marriage/
  5. That mugshot is the look of a man who realizes it's over. Over. No matter what the legal outcome is, it's just over. 53 years old and now everything he's ever known is done. What a crazy f@#$ing situation. I knew Larry and while he was always a little arrogant, it never occurred to me that he would have as many issues as he's had, and now THIS. How many more are there going to be? Staggers the mind.
  6. It was my last Finals as a spectator. Haven't been back since. I agree, that was pretty much it. Everything since has been retrograde.
  7. His last Facebook post was five days ago. I can't find anything indicating he passed. Where are you seeing this?
  8. Sounds like someone was talking out of their ###. They don't even know what they're saying. It's all 100% creepy, though.
  9. MG states that it was a "Law Firm," and not "Law Enforcement," who were taking plate numbers. From the linked article: One video obtained by Independent Newsmedia is particularly distressing, Olson said, as it appears to show Mark Greenburg on Aug. 24 taking photographs of parents and children all while keeping his face hidden under a helmet and motorcycle gear. The incident occurred at Coronado High School, 7501 E. Virginia Ave., in the hours prior to a regular scheduled school board meeting. The parents were involved in a protest regarding the district's policies at the time after a previous meeting had been cut short following parent disruptions. “They don’t know it’s me ... I covered up my license plate,” Mark Greenburg says in the video, in which he’s wearing a body camera on his motorcycle jacket. Mark Greenburg also says, in the same video: “Somewhere around here we have a private investigator who’s writing down all of their plates,” before confirming on video that he hired the private investigator. “I had a law firm do it so that it’s protected so that we can get the information,” Greenburg said. The information and documents contained in the Google Drive are, mostly, public record — from recordings to scrolling social media threads to bankruptcy filings, the Google Drive includes hundreds of compiled documents on specific community members. Mark Greenburg is no stranger to controversy in the district. He used to own a parody website aimed at former SUSD board President Perleberg. He also has a 2021 lawsuit recorded in Maricopa County Superior Court with Scottsdale resident Emily Austin, where the two are suing each other for false light, among other things. Austin alleges Greenburg used fake aliases online — a tactic used on social media — and allegedly called her a “racist anti-Semite.”
  10. 1992 Div. II/III finals was held there. Crown won brass but we placed a disappointing third behind Northern Aurora and Southwind. We managed a second place finish at prelims, but couldn't ever get over the SW hump that season. They were marching twice as many as we were, and had a more "ready-for-drumcorps" show, so it wasn't necessarily surprising. And yeah, the mosquitoes were as advertised. Especially at our housing site in Mazomanie.
  11. Yes. He's the Executive Director of the organization. David was brought on when all of this started to hit the fan back in the early fall of 2021. He was hired as an objective outsider with no direct ties to the corps, either as a performer or a staffer. He also signed the statement outlining the corps decision to sit out the 2022 competitive season, along with the corps director and the SOA board chairman.
  12. I haven't spoken to him in a few years but he lives and teaches in Acworth, GA now. He's the orchestral director at Kennesaw Mtn. HS. Western's music department grew quite a bit while he was there. The marching program, especially. I'm a WCU grad and I was there in the mid-90's when the marching band really started to take off. It got very good, very quickly. Lots of support from the WCU Chancellor's office.
  13. That "Dash Riprock"/Tommy Maddox guy is real human garbage of the first order. There are others ("Dennis Carol," Kevin Powell, Nathan Horton) but that dude is a serious POS. DIAF.
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