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  1. Hotels are in huge demand this year in Indy due to the State Fair, and the Fraternal Order of Police convention the same weekend. Downtown hotel prices are through the roof.
  2. Since paper tickets will no longer be issued, I suppose that scalpers will be out of business? Ron Gunn, the original 'I need tickets' guy died of Covid this past winter. I liked Ron, as he was an actual drum corps fanatic.
  3. Don't know anyone who doesn't love the Crossmen, and 'Bones'. Hoping they come out strong, and play a few of their old standards.
  4. Reply from DCI: Information on how and when to purchase 2022 Indy ticket packages will be made available at the end of July.
  5. Anyone know if it will be possible to purchase the 3 night ticket packages for 2022 in Indy next month?
  6. Some school districts are becoming so desperate for teachers that they are hiring convicted felons. Illinois is a case in point.
  7. According to the Scouts webpage, DCI show tickets will go on sale June 14.
  8. Anyone know when tickets to shows will go on sale? Specifically, the East Coast shows.
  9. Most corps are staying in one location for the month of July. They will only be on the road for a couple of weeks. As a result, gas prices will be a significantly lower part of the corps budget this year.
  10. I am so grateful that corps will return this summer that I don't give a #### what the Cadets, or other corps play. Just entertain us again!
  11. A new and different version of WSS had just opened on Broadway before the pandemic hit. Hope it will return this fall.
  12. If Crown, Boston, Cadets, the Midwest corps, and Crossmen attend, I'll be there.
  13. With Drum Corps Midwest apparently finalizing plans for shows in Rockford, Madison, Lacrosse, Lisle and Dubuque, are the East Coast corps considering doing the same? Bluecoats, Boston, Crown and Cadets would make for some really entertaining evenings in July/August.
  14. Things are ramping up quickly now. Especially with the Johnson and Johnson one shot vaccine being rolled out.
  15. Predident Biden today announced that all adult Americans will be able to be vaccinated by May 31st. DCI should be able to go ahead with some kind of season, if true. Good news.