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  1. All the marching members would need to get vaccinated by late May. Because of their age, they will be the last in line. The timeline may or may not work out. Time will tell.
  2. Yesterday the USA had the highest daily death toll to date. Things will get worse this winter. The vaccine roll-out in most states is so far a disaster. Perhaps things will begin to change on January 20th. They'd better, or DCI can forget about anything much happening in 2021.
  3. The Blue Devils post today basically acknowledged the obvious. 2022 will hopefully see the return of a DCI touring season. It's a tough pill to swallow, but better to be realistic with the kids, the fans and the instructors/judges. Most researchers are predicting a 3rd wave of Covid-19 in February. We can only hope the vaccines being rolled out this winter will be effective, and bring an end to the pandemic sometime in 2021. In the meantime, we will continue giving till it hurts, to keep our corps going.
  4. Why is 21 a magic number? Yes, I would like to see the activity remain youth orientated, but many marching members today continue in college till 23 or longer, especially if they are pusuing Music Education careers, or careers in the Performing Arts. At the very least, allow those members who had signed up for 2020 or 2021 to march their final years.
  5. Given that DCI will likely announce the cancellation of 2021, let's start a conversation about some issues we would like DCI to implement for the 2022 season. I would like to see the age limit raised to 23. Two reasons: It would allow those members who were denied the opportunity to march in 2020 and 2021 to march another season or two, if desired. Secondly, raising the age to 23 would allow members who are in college getting Masters degrees or PhD's to continue spending their summers doing drum corp. I would suggest making it a requirement that only full time college students be offered
  6. It's time to start planning for a fab 50th anniversary DCI season. No way in hell can a 2021 season take place. We are now in the 2nd wave of the virus. The 3rd, and hopefully final wave, will come this winter.
  7. On to 2022. 50th Anniversary of DCI. Let's have a full week of drum corps perfomances at Lucas.
  8. Time for corps to downsize to a basic staff--continue fundraising/social media updates--and start planning for a 2022 season.
  9. Yes, no WGI probably means no 2021 corps season. It's already unrealistic to believe that a national tour could happen in 10 months.
  10. Has WGI made any announcement about their 2020/2021 season?
  11. The corps need to lay off all unecessary staff at this time. All efforts from today, to the end of the year, should go towards fund-raising.That is the way forward to guarantee a 2021 season. Please DCI--make an announcement this week.
  12. Given that the Tokyo Olympics will certainly be postponed or cancelled, and the ongoing news this weekend, it is time for DCI to announce the closure of the 2020 season. The kids and instructors deserve to know, as well as us fans. Corps should go on lockdown till the end of the summer, decrease expenses, and do nothing but fund-raise.
  13. Can DCI pull off a compressed summer tour? I guess the next couple of weeks will tell the story. Housing might be the biggest obstacle.
  14. DCI could offer to apply the tuiton dues to the 2021 season. Age outs should defintely be given the option to march in 2021. If we all stick together, and step up donations over the next year, we will survive.