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  1. So far, Vanguard is not bringing the emotion and feel to the field with this program. In 2018, they had it from day one. Hopefully, some big changes will remedy that.
  2. Yea, they need to add something to the all white uni's. Just too bland, at the moment.
  3. Now they are showing the replay--with no audio--due to copyright laws. Who the hell wants to watch a reply with no audio? Why bother Flo?
  4. Flo was supposed to have replay of last night Rose Bowl today at 11am CMT. I am not getting anything except a message saying" replays will be generated as they are rebroadcast". What am I not doing?
  5. Bluecoats will win. No doubt they are still in top 3 level.
  6. So great to hear Phantom's brass back! As for Boston, although hard to tell, given the lousy audio quality, their book seems rather dark, and not that well arranged. But, we'll have to wait till Detroit to get a better measure of the show.
  7. Will Flo be archiving shows so that you can watch them when you want?
  8. It's going to be a travel mess all summer. Pilot shortages are not quickly remedied. Good luck to all with their flights.
  9. Down low--sections 139, 140 or 141. Great sound, great up-close views of the performers. Your friend will be blown away in those sections. Best way to secure seats in those sold out sections is to get the the stadium an hour before showtime--people always show up with extra tickets to sell--or you can deal with the scalpers if all else fails.
  10. To those who complain about finals being in Indy every year--you tend to forget about how great the city of Indy has been to our activity. Besides the very generous deal they get with the stadium, (other conventions pay much more), the city is home to DCI, the airport is great, and even allow the kids to camp out overnight after finals. Plenty of good restaurants and bars close to the stadium. If you happen to live in California, or Alaska, pony up the airfare, and go to finals.
  11. Airfares are high this summer because of super high demand, and record fuel prices. I booked my flight months ago and got a very low fare from Atlanta. Indy is the best place for finals--in the center of the country--domed stadium downtown--and DCI has a very good financial long-term deal. They would never get such a three night deal in Atlanta or Minneapolis. Indy it is!
  12. Love Bent Knee's music. Can't wait to see this show.
  13. They are milking the announcement for every dollar they can get. Don't blame them. Every corps needs extra money, now that fuel prices are going to go up and up this summer. Along with food prices.
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