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  1. Drum corps biggest and unsolvable problem is that it is an activity unknown to 95% of Americans, and only exists for eight weeks of the year. Not much Dan, or any publicity machine could do with that. We are lucky the activity still exists. We didn't know how lucky we were, till Covid hit.
  2. Will DCI finals next year be August 4-7, or 11-14?
  3. I loved the instant encores at this years finals. Fun and entertaining. I hope DCI will consider keeping them next year, perhaps by alternating the corps who do them-- day by day.
  4. We had a difficult time finding a restaurant open past 8pm, especially on Wednesday and Thursday. Downtown looked pretty grim after dark. Hopefully, downtown Indy will recover by next August.
  5. Was difficult to find a restaurant downtown last night open after 8pm. Many places have closed. Hotel bars may be the best option after the shows.
  6. Flo's worst video and audio show to date. DCI--there has to be a better option!
  7. Great that the weather is good. Should be a huge crowd at tonights show. Hope Flo does it justice!
  8. It's confusing, since it does not say anything about 'while seated'. Guess we'll find out Thursday.
  9. According to Lucas Oil's site ( https://www.lucasoilstadium.com/attending-an-event/a-z-guide/. - under Masks), masks are required except when eating or drinking. We will be wearing masks. Thanks, Van Williams
  10. We will be required to wear masks, except while eating or drinking, inside the stadium. Lucas Oil Stadium rule.
  11. Yes, SCV has something prepared to show on the Jumbotron. Also, Crowns show. Yes!
  12. Academy will not appear in any show before Indy. Thanks Academy for providing us with some suspense!
  13. The team Flo sent to the Southern shows was the best. They knew what they were doing. The Midwest crew must have been college interns. Awful last night in Cedarburg.
  14. The video boards should have been placed in the back of the field. They force the corps to perform almost all the show to the right of the 50 yard line. We'll see how many corps copy this trend next year.
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