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  1. Can anyone tell me what place Carolina Crown's color guard got in Div. 1 finals in 2000? i know in 1999 they were 6th, and i'm wondering if they held on to that spot in 2000 as well.... Thanks!
  2. It is mostly a matter of opinion in many cases... although most often, the score sheets from world championships don't lie... but this is my opinion... Div. 1 - Carolina Crown - very innovative due to the talents of Michael Shapiro, Cadets - they have April Gilligan and she is awesome, Cavaliers, Magic of Orlando, Phantom Regiment - too bad they dont let boys march or i'd have been marching with them for the past 10 years, Blue Devils - seem to focus a lot on weapons, but can spin flag with the best of them. Santa Clara Vanguard( again this is my opinion) has never had a GREAT guard.. they have been very good.. but to me they were never one to really get all excited about.. 1997, 1998 were some very good years for them and i've heard that 2003 was a great year for their guard as well. Boston Crusaders are also a good one. Div. 2 - Patriots hands down... they have an incredible world class winter guard that has done extremely well the past few years and it shows very much in their drum corps guard ..., Spartans have had good guards in the past... not sure how they are doing now.. , Esperanza de Luz also has a world class guard, thanks in part to their winter guard program. Div 3 - i dont' know much about this division but i've heard that the Blue Stars have a very good guard, and i think Revolution had a good guard too...
  3. I won't be attending any shows until mid-July and I'm curious as to what the Phantom Regiment, Cadets and Carolina Crown color guards are up to this season... Is phantom better than last year? Are the cadets as incredible as ever? Is crown handling their staff change well? are they still spinning 6.5ft. poles? Any information about these guards will be great! Thanks OH does anyone know if Phantom will be selling their flags from this year??
  4. I'll give you the SCV 1991, the Cavies 1995, and Crown 2001... HOWEVER... the cadets 1993 guard was really not that great.. they had several weapon drops and their flag work wasnt all that hard.... they did have a nice concept going on though. 1993 would totally have to go to Star... that guard was HOT and way ahead of their time. 1994, the blue devils guard was good.. sure... but who won the award?? The cadets and they SO deserved it... I hate west side story and the cadets totally sold that show to the crowd and the judges... and SCV in 2000 was one of the worst guards from them in a long time.... i'd rather watch an old episode of This Old House than watch SCV's 2000 guard.... BORING and their weapon work was too choppy , as was the flag work... 2000 Carolina Crown - that guard was FREAKING AWESOME!!! Listening to the Zoro soundtrack is dull for the most part, but watch crown and you see it all!! Carolina Crown 1999!! WOW the guard that made 45 tosses the new wave in color guard... they truly brought broadway to life!
  5. Is it just me, or have the Blue Devils been spinning unweighted flags for the past 2 or 3 years?? I was watching their 2002 show the other evening, and anytime they tossed their flags, it was as if they had no weights in them..
  6. I am curious to know who has won the DCI best color guard award each year... I know that the Blue Devils and the Cadets have won it a lot of times, but I am looking for a complete list... Thanks!
  7. The toss that he dropped was in the 11- 13 range I believe... the one he caught was like a 9
  8. Does anyone remember in 1998, when Bishop Kearney High School from Rochester, New York (Vincent Monocelli was their director) was disqualified from the Scholastic World class finals... but they still got to be in finals, only in the independent world class... ???? Why were they disqualified from Scholastic World class?? What was the show?? what happened to Bishop Kearney after that?? I have not heard anything about their program in years!! Will Stevenson Muhlenberg North High School Color Guard Director
  9. hhmm..... hardest stuff to do..... in high school the guard have to move backwards into the band while tossing (flags) ... it looked good anyway... also had to do a moving flat toss on flag... In winter guard.... I started out on sabre/rifle/flag and then ended up only on flag because we changed the show and the weapon work was beyond me... sabre we had to do this 'crotch toss' and catch it on on our knees leaning back... very complicated... on rifle we had to do a blind triple - toss, turn and sit and catch flat... then extend out the body and roll the rifle on the top of your hand and go into a flat toss and stand up and catch... VERY complicated and it ended up not being used... on flag we had tons of crazy stuff... 45 tosses while moving... turning under tosses... we had this one move where we cradled the flag and and placed it on our left hip and turned and then tossed a double out of it... very odd but it worked quite well and got good crowd response... also had a very tight flag block on the corner and had to do so fast stuff and then spread out really fast and do this between the legs thing while moving to the left... once we got it cleaned it was awesome
  10. I prefer to use 6 1/2 foot poles... however, i have run into the problem of 'transitioning' my guards from 6 foot, to 6 1/2 foot poles.... it is difficult because there is always a lot of money involved in buying 500 or so poles to replace all the old ones... I don't like anything smaller than a 6 foot pole though... and you MUST weight them! I prefer 4" carriage bolts in the top and bottom... rubber pole caps... i have also found that taping the poles the same color at the sleeve on the silk helps to hide hand problems... for example, if you spin a yellow silk, tape the pole yellow instead of spinning a silver or white pole.. makes for a more interesting visual look also... Silk sizes should have half the length of the pole... so for a 6 foot pole you ought to have a 36" width and around 48" to 54" length... for a 6 1/2 ft. pole i like to have a 40" width and a 50" - 54" length... Best of Luck!!
  11. I posted this in another topic, but I shall elaborate here... Cavaliers 1992 - never before had I seen such fast paced work so clean!! WOW and those huge flags at the end were in perfect unison! too awesome! Cadets 1995 - began my love for spinning 6.5 ft. poles... I am only 5'6" but I can work it on 6.5ft. flag with the best of them! The ending rifle feature was absolutely spectacular!! Cadets 1997 - BEAUTIFUL silks! perfect color selection for that music!! and once again, spinning 6.5ft poles in incredible precision! Cavaliers 1997 - WOW totally underrated show... that guard kicked a*^ - especially that weapon line! WOW WOW WOW !!! Carolina Crown 1998 - once again, showed impressive skill at spinning 6.5 ft. poles... and such impressive spinning for them as opposed to their past years... this is the year when they really started to make a name for themselves in the guard department IMPO Carolina Crown 1999 - AWESOME, FLAWLESS, GORGEOUS!! Carolina Crown 2000- see above! Carolina Crown 2001 - LOVE the wood and the tires! might have taken the winter guard outside idea too far but it worked and really got through ... beautiful silks once again! Phantom Regiment 1994- should have won best guard that year IMO... I love that they used black and white so well... and in so many different ways! awesome! Phantom Regiment 2002 - their comeback year! I was SO happy to see this show... it make me just get chills all over!! perfect color schemes, uniforms, it was all just perfect! Cavaliers 1999 - just plain fantastic! gives me chills to watch that show... Colts 1995 - wow! Colts 2002 - the best use of all rifle work i think i've ever seen... and those uniforms are to die for! I designed my guard uniforms for my girls to match !!
  12. I have WAY too many favorite shows to even begin naming and overall favorite... here are a few Cavaliers 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000 Cadets 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002 Phantom Regiment 1994, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2002 Carolina Crown 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 Colts 1995, 1999 (LOVE the opener!), 2002 (I WANT TO BE IN THEIR GUARD!!) The only blue devils guards I have really enjoyed were 1995, 1998, 1999, and their flag line in 2001 I have never really cared for the Santa Clara Vanguard color guard, although 1997, 1998 were HUGE changes for them and they did them well The Cavaliers (any year), the Cadets in 95, 96, or 97, and Carolina Crown in 1999 hold my top 3 spots... Will Stevenson Muhlenberg North High School Color Guard Director
  13. Well, I never saw the Cadets 1990 show until a few years ago, but i enjoyed it VERY much... I have also NEVER seen the Blue Devils show from that same year... but I would have to say that hands down the Cadets had the better guard, simply because the Cadets always have an awesome guard and the only other people who have deserved to beat them in the past would be either the Cavaliers or Phantom Regiment... but i'm quite partial to the Cadets... Will Stevenson Muhlenberg North High School Color Guard Director -present Union County High school Color Guard Director 2001- 2002 Eklipse Winter Guard 2001 Hopkins County Central 1999, 2000
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