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  1. Besides the difficulty in tracking a MM who was contracted for 2020 and lost the year, why are some of you against everyone getting a bonus year? I see “it’s life deal with it”. Why shouldn’t the age outs of 2020 “deal with it”? Seriously though. Thousands of MM are losing a year. It sucks for some that it was their last, yet they’re the ones who get the bonus year. I’m this year’s seniors in WGI or even graduation aren’t getting another run. It is what it is. So why not allow all a bonus year when one “class” gets it?
  2. I figure you guys are probably aware, but just in case. The Madison Scouts has decided to pursue classes with staff and current members throughout the summer. They are also hoping for a week or two in late July or August to bring the corps together to get somewhat of a summer experience. I thought the email and video were excellent. My kid will be participating and in return, contracts will be extended to 2021. Still a Madison Scout family socially distant! 💚⚜️🤍
  3. This is true in the corps my son has a contract with To an extent. They have the option to participate in a summer experience and keep their 2020 contract into 2021 or they can choose to audition again in the fall. This definitely cuts down available spots in 2021.
  4. Agreed. My son is a senior in HS and a rookie. He’s from a drum corps loving family and has been waiting years to have his turn. He finally made a World Class corps and had been having the time of his life learning this new “band” life. Now his prom is gone, graduation is in danger (likely will cancel), and very possibly his summer tour. Along with a year of eligibility. 2020 was to be their year. The class of 2020 was born around 9-11 and is graduating in a worldwide pandemic. These kids are hurting to not have these last’s and firsts. My heart hurts so bad for my son 💔
  5. Ok guys. I never said opinions should be suppressed 🙄 I was just noticing the grumpiness and decided to spice it up a bit. I am no newb to online forums, so no worries there. My preparedness referred to my own fragile ego. 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m sad the program has disappointed so many. I’ll back out and keep my opinion to myself.
  6. Absolutely. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. I guess I should have been prepared 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
  7. Wow guys. Way to be motivators 😒 MMs of all groups are doing assignments all week long with physical health assignments as well. Scouts marching members are talented too. They just have to have the design and road team be better than the others. We all know that’s true. Kids have to be trained by better people. Our kids are excited and on fire with hope. I feel this staff is good people. I hold my candle to top 12. I’ll eat my words later, but right now, as a first year Scout family members and 25 year DCI groupie, I am still smiling 💚⚜️🤍
  8. They publicized that Todd Ryan was there. It’s all over Twitter and Facebook! And I love that my husband and son have both now been taught by him!
  9. I think he wanted to play the clarinet because he was oh so good at the recorder 😒 But no, he’s been a Bari-Euph since the day he started the 6th grade. Brass from the start. And he LOVES it. Glad he gave up fighting for that God forsaken clarinet. 😂 Camp this weekend! Looking forward to hearing the next part(s) of the show!
  10. I know the internet is a hive of anonymity, but I’m likely more transparent than I should be 😂 My son hates that his parents are connected and he loves it at the same time. He loves the variety in the Bari Euphs with the Scouts. He’s found a few good friends already with one from Brownsburg, one from Carroll Ft Wayne, one from Mt Orion (Michigan?). The section leader is super knowledgeable and extremely helpful to the rookies. The kid is on his game with answers. I’m happy to pass along any “inside” info An outside-looking-in parent can! Except show music and such. I know better. 😜
  11. Hi! My husband definitely wanted trumpet but a 6th grader wants to be opposite his dad, he wanted a woodwind. Instructors suggested Baritone. He went with the baritone! My son will graduate from Homestead High School in Fort Wayne (about 2 hours north of Indy). They are a consistent top 3 in the state under Avon and Carmel as well as a BOA grand national finalist. Their previous band directors have all been very resistant to having HS kids do drum corps, but their new director works for the Bluecoats, so I see that mindset changing in the future. My husband marched with the B
  12. Ha! I’m a color guard chick by experience, and my husband played soprano/trumpet. We have drummers in our lives, and they seem... interesting. 😜 We haven’t matured much either 🤷🏼‍♀️ We had to force my son to play in band as a 6th grader (because obviously we knew him better than he knew himself 😂). he chose clarinet, but dad refused and he ended up playing the baritone. He’s wanted to join a drum corps for the past 3 years, but his HS looked down on kids who were not present for their 3 week band camp that started in July. We all had our ear to the ground after finals last year to help m
  13. Boy, you guys know how to welcome a new member to the family 😜 I guess knowing the history some have with admin is relevant knowledge, so I’ve been continuing to lurk. Just a note. My son’s decision to audition for the Madison Scouts had zero to do with being coed or their past successes/struggles. My husband and I have a ton of connections to staff members in different drum corps due to our history with the marching arts. There were so many positive comments about the staff that has been assembled with the Scouts this year. That was the only reason my son auditioned... because he was encou
  14. I was stalking the other posts on the board and saw that 6 bass drums are not the norm? I’m an old school color guard chick, so forgive my ignorance 😂 I counted 6 bass drums at the show and tell yesterday... Not the usual? Also 6 cymbals.