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  1. LMAO...Don't ask me WHY I think this is so funny : )
  2. 2006 is also one of my favorite shows...hands down. My all time favorite is still their 1989 show Gloria. That show holds a special place for me. I decided to march Drum Corps after seeing it. And BTW...I miss the "classic uniforms" of every corps : (
  3. Luckily DCI has already prepared for this by moving the judges off the field.
  4. HA! and thanks. I've actually been following on DCP for quite some time. You guys have given me some very, very interesting and spirited reading over the months. I thought my OP was the least controversial thing I could share and a good way to "test" the waters. Y'all can be a little scary : )
  5. Sorry about that 🙂 It was my first post ever. I guess that info might have been helpful. Thanks Ghost!
  6. DCI posted 2019 Championship show clips on Youtube (3 minutes each)