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  1. As a fan, the 1976 DCI Finals end of show performance by the Bridgemen when the entire corps "fainted".... it so conveyed the way the audience was feeling from all the excitement and intensity of that show.
  2. Yes the percussion caption was only decided at finals. Due to the tie, the DCI powers that be decided to break the tie by which line had the highest General Effect score (vs. Execution) which in my opinion execution would have been the most objective but I was just a horn player in Spirit 1980.... anyway Bridgemen had a higher General Effect percussion score so the high percussion award went to them.
  3. I marched 79, 80, and 81 Spirit and 82 Blue Devils. The tic system was still in place when I marched Spirit and also in 1982. In 1982, we beat Madison's old hornline score that year that had been set in 1975 before finals and had a record horn score with only three tics at finals. If I am not mistaken, the horn caption was the first to do away with the tic system. I know scoring a 95.25 as we did in 1982 at finals with the tic system still in place was what we shot for all winter and season long. The execution judges sometimes varied between sides and within captions, however, I can tell yo
  4. Congratulations on being a member of such an awesome corps. I loved the '76 OTL as it was very powerful plus the rest of the show that I listened to (U.S. Open recording) was awesome as well... Seeing them at '76 prelims was a dream come true since my High School band played Muchachos OTL and had Cab clone uniforms.
  5. 1980 Spirit of Atlanta. I was a soprano player in Spirit of Atlanta that year... I dont think I need to elaborate.