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  1. I'm from yesteryear I looked at the DCI manual, but as usual DC facts need a steam shovel. Are there rules for the competition? Do they still have the judging captions such as execution, exposure, content ? I understand the obvious overall GE look. What is my three peat worth today?
  2. Surfers, New London Ct 1971-1979 $3 per week x 52=$156 8yrs x $156 =$1248 I'm trying to understand today's prices when as participants we both still get nothing. The alumni charged 7th regiment about $1600 for the first year and raised for the only two remaining for 18-21. Presently they seem two want $225 to audition and $125 to audition for every year after(18-21), and i was able to understand a $40 call back fee. The "what you get" question is not answered by Fees and tuition, this was not included in yesteryear D&BC
  3. They were still there I can't see well at my age. What year did they come in second ? I thought they vanished. Where did they place last year? They were not thrown in the "don't care div"? This is the corps we have to get back to the top. What do you think they need to do? If this stacks up with the usual top 4 I'm yelling "fix". three different Blue devils this is getting to be really icky competitive wise. I listen to what every one says because i'm and old competitor but it all seems to be performance hype because no else seems to win the championship. What do you think? How do you not yell "fix"? It's the money shelled out for me. They came in second. What could they do to hang in there?
  4. You called me a boheam! Yes monoliths from that era may think along the lines of their moral upbringing and therefore feel insulted by any mischaracterization of any work they do. So it does strike me that you don't get what you got unless i didn't participate the way i did. So clean it up, your a ######## with no parents?? That isn't a fair statement is it? So that's how I feel. Today's morality no respect for elders none of that old morality which allows you to do what's done today. I didn't look like that on the field so I'm insulted it is far away from founding and the title should be redacted so you can call it whatever that is because it doesn't represent that foundation in that manner of performance. Not represented by the church condemn by military organizations that upheld it. Well this is better then I guess you say. You would rather march with the demon organization that wants to join DCI? Interesting!!
  5. So find Tonya Harding "young" bust Acheson in the knee caps. Get rid of all of the D&BC people and have the summer Liberal arts theater that the children seem to like and enjoy. That's what needs to be done. I thought they scrapped all of the rules as early as 2005. I'm really hurt that the full orchestra isn't on the field because that's what the children want. That really is the overall thought, we had to live off the crack of our behind but i just believe $$thousands$$ should gain better humanity and indeed what they may perceive of this performance opportunity. It's has to go forward. Whats left of my old unit was being administrated by two of my friends and I saw they thought they were going to get their old dreams out of the corps now. I think it's time to let go of D&BC.
  6. That's just it that's not part of the score called technique. It's easy to play long tones listen to scv in 74 the children's symphony or what ever. that's what i mean you can't do that trippin flippin and skippin.High scrutiny means more talent applied. Rules removed because of low talent. That's my argument when we compete under the same terms then there is a fair comparison. The recording equipment plus instrumentation factors are not an example of better ability. if you played the same music from today you sound the same way then, and guess what it tends to be the same charts. I see what's done now and believe me you couldn't perform under those rules because this is the low talent of today. why change the rules.
  7. That's what i mean you're one of the people who past me while i stood in a field at attention allowing the mosquitos to suck the blood out of me an the other children lived in the parking lots! You fail to recognize what it took to compete under rules . Obviously its easy with no rules. Why did i pay only $168/yr and these kids pay thousands. Rules seem to make you work hard and no rules cost more!!?
  8. okay yesteryear has a judge on the field listening to articulation and intonation. Your not playing while your skippin trippin and flippin so your G.E. score would be less. Those rules are gone so you can skip trip and flip. So how do you believe such a thing .
  9. I don't think that's Drum and Bugle Corps. D&BC is an accoutrement to a soldier. You had to want to be a soldier I guess, not a fairy. I understand that isn't fair to the children but a......... You know when you get into the service and D&BC for real certainly you will not be fairy dancing and "men in tights"!!?? I do see that some of the military style remains but very little. Those rules were for that reason. Now, bring anything you need to and dance all night, humm? By "72" my horn instructor was told his writing wasn't any good because he didn't have a music degree and those with one couldn't write a show and kept getting penalize. So much for the 13 minute warning to put the honor guard, mind you across the end line. That rule removed into five minutes of G.E. humm? Which obviously leads to all of the bounds of the field being removed. So, you're accredited with redacting that name because you don't produce that anymore only a fine accredited mess "Ollie". Summer band with bugles and drums, that's about it. That's where it died as soon as people couldn't compete under those strict moral standards of "god and Country", the morals of a soldier, gee!🤥🤥 Anyone for Cyber D&BC? Here's a sample 11 mins.Cyber D&BC. Oh here we go! Mention competition between to humans and wah wah wah wah wah. And the same thing will happen too. No that's not preformatted I like writing marchs. Not dance music, adaptations should draw less credit in cyber, since you have your fine parchment. Second chance to write a drum corps show not a dance routine. I would enjoy seeing what the "computer genius" does with it though. I'm dragging along because it's a hobby, but you probably could get it finished in six months , math skills and programming ability. i don't think that's D&BC anymore. Like every childhood experience it's LONGGONE.
  10. I started in about 1971 in the feeder corps for those dang New London, Ct. Surfers. Three time northeastern champ with that sickness. I guess I just couldn't break out of it so I got a DCA championship with the Rhode Island Matadors. Ten years was enough. What I see today makes me sick. I just wish I had a shot at today's "big guns" under the old rules. It just sticks to me how much hard work, dedication, discipline and sacrifice it took to compete under those rules. These must be the kids that walked by me every practice shaking there heads "no". Didn't have what it took to compete under those rules I guess. Drum Corps shows were predicated to that strict morality of God and Country. Not even one color presentation to be seen, nowadays. Well, I guess they hay have fun, dancin' and prancin', trippin' flippin' and skippin'. Nah, they wouldn't be able to compete when Military bearing, precision and uniformity made you the best.