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  1. Maybe it isn’t as clear and concise as you’re looking for but have you read Crown’s description on FB/ IG?
  2. DCI hasn’t done very well just tapping into the market they already have. One thing I’ve learned this year is there are a lot more people who like watching drum corps but don’t know when/ where shows are located. There is very limited advertising to the general public.
  3. And some are pretty expensive- my kid’s high school was only about 400 for the season but I know of some well north of $1000. And those programs aren’t providing food except a week of band camp and travel is only four or five Saturdays on a school bus. At least one Independent WGI is $1600+, is weekend only and covers no transportation (except to Dayton), food or housing. DCI is expensive but it isn’t for what’s covered. Many times, one issue is that kids don’t start planning and talking to their parents early when they first become interested. The last couple of years, Covid shutdown high school marching band programs so the pool of interested kids has dropped too. Hopefully, high school marching band will come back to full membership in a couple years and that will help.
  4. It’s my understanding that they are doing what they planned for 2020. I imagine that some tweaks and adjustments have been made but more or less the 2020 show.
  5. I can neither confirm, nor deny, that Crown will wear pants of a color of the visible spectrum.
  6. From what I’ve read, I’m hopeful that any shortages will be sporadic here and there. Drivers should be prudent to take advantage of availability when they can rather than waiting until near empty.
  7. Unfortunately, I think Surf might be in the same range based on the little I’ve seen.
  8. For those who don’t like screamers, it appears that the lead trumpet position Crown was advertising for is not a screamer. Just a strong soloist.
  9. Yes. There were a fair number that left before full ensemble to catch flights but there were still several out the entire weekend apparently. I think they have a handful of open positions too - maybe a half dozen or so.
  10. You’re right- most of the uniforms are useable for another season or two. The harnesses for drummers do wear some of the uniforms quite a bit but most of the brass, guard, and front are probably in pretty good shape.
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