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  1. I’m not sure. With some googling, buses cost about 1500 per day inclusive of driver and fuel. Tractors are about 400 per day inclusive of driver but not fuel. Add in 200 in fuel per tractor per day, that’s 144,000 for 4 buses and 2 tractors for 20 days. 150 members x 3000 per is 450000. Of course there are other expenses for corps vehicles fuel, etc. Then other expenses that are incurred if you have a season with or without touring such as food, housing and instructional staff. When a corps states that member fees don’t cover all expenses, it appears to be they do cover the variable c
  2. Maybe the show music, but I think Harloff does the tuning exercises. You’re probably correct.
  3. Pretty sure CC brass is written by Michael Klesch, not Harloff.
  4. Most of it was fine. In a few places the low bass was too overpowering of the horn line in my opinion.
  5. I generally like today’s shows in part because I haven’t watched drum corps all my life. My only complaint about this show is that I thought the amplification was too much/ too overbearing. I’m ok with amplification but I think it could’ve been dialed back 1/3 to 1/2. Singing /narration just depends on the show. This one I understand as it was intended as a “homecoming “ for alumni.
  6. The show was designed in segments to: a) place interviews between movements and b) allow for significant changes in setup between movements. Someone also mentioned to allow for breaks due to physical conditioning but unless that statement is from a member or staff, I don’t think it’s correct. Conditioning may have been a little lacking at the beginning but they certainly could have handled the show straight at this point. The breaks probably actually made it harder- at least that’s the vibe I got from a couple members.
  7. The performance was outstanding. Their performance level was exceptional for a corps just finishing week 5 of being together with no in person weekend camps. They were basically a mid June corps performing at a mid July level. Looking forward to a full continuous show and an return to touring next season!
  8. 1) Crown often gets veterans from other corps so not necessarily young 2) Harloff has skills
  9. Yes, money saver was a big part of it. As I understand it, they’re in a pretty solid financial position but trying to be smart to keep it that way. I thought they were going to mix and match parts of another uniform with it but looks like they are going straight with 2019 sans the clear jacket thing. There’s one more little twist that you’ll have to wait for also :-).
  10. There are a lot but they also have 185 members this year, which if I’m correct means that there are about 110 potential returning members.
  11. Couldn’t agree any more. Thankful my kid isn’t aging out this year but glad even an abbreviated season is happening. From what I’ve seen at Crown, the kids are working just as hard as any year, maybe even harder since they know no it’s shorter. I think there is/will be a looseness that non-competition allows that will help shows be more energetic if maybe a little less perfect. I’m certainly not discerning enough to pick up on slight missteps but I can’t feel the energy differences so it might be even better to me.
  12. Thank you. I’ll be there in person but do you know what it costs to subscribe? I think I remember it was $30 per month in 2019 (or much less per month of you paid for a full year). I have friends and family that may want to stream. Seems like you have to put in a lot of information just to get to pricing.
  13. I did read it. Revenue is more or less equivalent to sales. Gross income would be sales minus cost of goods sold. Net income would be gross income minus operating and other expenses. So you don’t have to replace all revenue to replace lost income as surely many expenses were trimmed, especially cost of goods sold. The article states “repay our line of credit.” Whether that means entirely or not is in no way addressed in this article.
  14. That’s a good question but I’m not sure it’s any different than a supplier/customer relationship. If company A claims a loss of revenue and company B, who derives a substantial portion of their business revenue as a supplier to company A also claims a loss of revenue, is that double dipping? As best I know (which certainly could be wrong), the way DCI revenue funnels to corps is by payment of a performance fee to the corps for DCI sponsored shows. This would, I think, be the equivalent scenario I described above.