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  1. FAVORITE DCI CHAMPIONSHIP STADIUM Madison, WI Camp Randall Stadium - Truly the most amazing audience vibe of any championship venue and the corps fed into to it with their performances. Easy access to housing and great places to eat. The sound is very good for the audience all of the way out the the 30 yardline with the exception of seats that are far back under the overhang. LEAST FAVORITE DCI CHAMPIONSHIP STADIUM I have a tie: Montreal, Canada, Olympic Stadium - DCI was fortunate not to have folded after this debacle. Terrible sound, horribly organized. DCI should have had a regional at this stadium first to get a read on the viability of this site. Indianapolis, IN, Lucas Oil Stadium - The Drum & Bugle Corps activity has it's foundation on the musical performance. Unfortunately, if you are sitting anywhere outside the 50 Yard Line, row 50, your musical experience is poor at best. These musicians deserve a better stage to show their amazing skill. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITES AND LEAST FAVORITES?
  2. Is the Blast franchise still active or has it been put to bed? What about upcoming productions?
  3. Jim Prime. Garfield and I believe 91 Star? Amazing musician and arranger.
  4. I have to throw Jonathan Vanderkolff‘s name on this list. He won DCI with Bluecoats and I believe with Ventures (class A). He also designed the iconic 1993 Star of Indiana show. He has designed shows that won BOA and WGI as well. Definitely noteworthy!
  5. I do know Drum Corps World has some digital materials available.
  6. I believe there is a strong interest in the Drum Corps News issues 1961-1985. Whoever owns the rights could scan them (if they have the paper issues) and sell the collection digitally. Just a thought, they had great photos and articles. Pass this on if you know anyone who may be associated with Drum Corps News.
  7. Dale actually demonstrated on his concert horn and then was able to get an amazing sound on a french horn bugle (I believe a dynasty).
  8. Dale Clevenger passed away on January 5th at the age of 81. For those that may not know, Dale Clevenger was the Principal Horn for the Chicago Symphony for 47 Years!!! During his tenure, the Chicago Symphony was widely considered the world's pinnacle of brass sections. In 1983 Dale gave a workshop at the DCI Convention that focused on brass tone production in the drum corps activity. He emphasized that the number one priority with any brass player is sound quality. I cannot even imagine the thousands of young brass players that he influenced, inspired, and taught over his many years. If you are looking for an example of Dale's artistry, I would start with the 3rd Movement of Gustav Mahler's 5th Symphony under the direction of Georg Solti. There is actually a video on YouTube of their performance in Japan. Amazing!
  9. One of the best parts… cherry picker for the judges since there really wasn't a pressbox.
  10. Today’s design teams configure all sound reinforcement electronics to present optimal audio quality to the pressbox judging area that will be at the Championship’s venue. I think most general audience members would be shocked (and disappointed) if they knew how much artificial enhancement of the brass book many corps pump through their speakers. Much of this is driven by the corps trying to overcome the acoustical nightmare that is the enclosed stadium. Drum Corps has its highest level of brass performers in the history of the activity. Find a venue that lets them perform without all the electronic smoke and mirrors.
  11. I remember Boston Area Alliance (not to be confused with the DCA corps) getting alot of very strong buzz going into the 82 season. They had picked up George Zingali for visual (after being let go from 27th) and had Dave Vose (North Star chrome wall) supervising music. I listened to the Prelim recording on YouTube...not bad at all! Any insight on what happened?
  12. I understand it is impossible to calculate the transiency of members from outside the corps’ “home” community. The only objective way to look at it is with the size of the home town of the corps. I would imagine most of todays corps are made up of a very large percent of “out-of-towners”.
  13. Here is one outside the box - 1990 Academie Musicale Liberty Fanfare very impressive
  14. John Williams Happy 90th Birthday! What was the Best Corps Version of John Williams Music?
  15. What was the smallest community to put a corps in DCI Finals? 1975 Finleyville Royal Crusaders (9th place) comes to mind for me. Finleyville PA only has a few hundred residents. A pretty impressive accomplishment at the time.
  16. There is a commemorative plaque on the side of the stadium acknowledging the first DCI championships at Warhawk in 1972. its very cool!
  17. If you need a respite from this winter, check out the 1989 live performance by CHUCK MANGIONE of LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE on YouTube. aahhhh yes that is better. And who can forget the classic version Bridgemen put on the field.
  18. 1999 Madison Scouts Lloyd Webber Jesus Christ Superstar Loved it, Classic Scouts!!!
  19. I would submit 1980 Blue Devils vs 27th Lancers. Anyone who happened to see these two Corps at DCI East will always remember the energy they brought on the field AND the energy in the stands from the audience!!! One word … WOW!
  20. Anyone remember this show? I think it was ahead of its time. Great arrangements by Frank Dorritie! The 1986 27th Lancers played a Sondheim Suite. A full show of Sondheim Music! They finished 13th but I think it was ahead of its time. George Zingali came back that year (first time since he left after 1981) to help out with show concept and drill design. Someone has the video up on Youtube, check it out. Sadly, it was the last year the Lancers would field a competitive corps.
  21. Here is a trivia question to start the year: I came across a photo on ebay that looks like the Disney Future Corps. The only thing is I can't find any photo that has future corps in these exact uniforms. Anyone out there confirm if it is or if it is not Future Corps? Below is the item title on ebay. Thanks! Vintage PHOTO Hip Hop Jazz Band Drum Circle Drums & Horns
  22. Scott, Do you realize you used the word "I" over 40 times? I almost lost track of what your topic was about. You are missing a very basic tenet of any art form - It is subjective. It was disappointing to read your level of condescension toward the fans, the judges, the activity, and especially those performers that put a championship program on the field. "I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, otherwise, I suggest you pick up an instrument, and march. Either way, I don't give a darn what you think you are entitled to.”
  23. The 1986 27th Lancers played a Sondheim Suite. A full show of Sondheim Music! They finished 13th but I think it was ahead of its time. George Zingali came back that year (first time since he left after 1981) to help out with show concept and drill design. Check it out, someone has it up on Youtube. Sadly, it was the last year the Lancers would field a competitive corps.
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