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  1. I was very, VERY impressed with the show when I saw it in Granville on Tuesday. The Bluecoats have a wonderful show again this year, and I just love the thoughtful, interesting, and innovative programming they have demonstrated the past several seasons. They really have this DCI thing figured out right now. Great show. Great corps.
  2. "Yikes! This banana looks older than a Muchachos' roto-tom player."
  3. Every corps should ditch their equipment truck and tow smaller trailers behind each bus.
  4. You are "old school" if you marched before current members were born.
  5. Hmmm... 2/11. Website down. Something about robbery perhaps?
  6. This was the first DCI show I ever went to as a little kid. My mother won the 50/50 that night back in 1980 or 1981. I left the show knowing that someday I would march in DCI. I'm really sad to hear the news.
  7. I would DECREASE the value of GE in the judges sheets. I feel that the overall show design is winning DCI instead of the performances by the corps members themselves.
  8. I am not sure what happens next. Split? No split? I have no idea. What I do know is that SOMETHING has to drastically change for the activity we all love to keep going. Costs are out of control, and there HAS to be some outside of the box thinking or it will soon be lights out for everyone. Not one, but SEVERAL corps folded last summer while on tour. And it's looking like it will be a challenge for the Glassmen to field a corps next year. That's not good, folks. Since the number of corps keeps getting fewer, I imagine that in the future, drum corps will be a lot like... NASCAR. There will be a single caravan of corps traveling from show to show. There will only be enough corps for one show a night. The mighty will survive and the smaller corps without diverse revenue streams will die. And if the corps were smart, they would travel in pairs, share housing sites, and do everything in their power to split the costs. Perhaps they could share the use of a SINGLE food truck, thereby taking a rig off the road. And instead of yet another tractor trailer for equipment, why don't they have smaller equipment trailers towed behind each bus? I imagine taking an 18 wheeler off the road will save a TON of money. Perhaps the "big corps" are in a huge power grab. Or maybe they are working to reinvent themselves so they can simply survive (and some form of the activity can continue). Only time will tell.
  9. I wish there was a new rule in DCI... Before every show, while the corps enters the field and is setting up, each corps is REQUIRED to do a warm up facing the audience. This warm up will no longer be a "pre-show" or part of the show theme for that season, but rather, a chance for the corps to warm up and engage the audience while playing their "signature song." This warm up MUST involve playing a tune that is significant to the corps, their history, or their IDENTITY. The corps members will hype. The alumni will cry. And the audiences will go nuts. Just a suggestion.
  10. I had it up on YouTube for a while, but DCI took it down. Oh well.
  11. Grey uniforms suck. No matter who wears them, they look like crap and don't work. I'd change those before anything else.
  12. After reading some of the comments here on DCP, I totally expected to hate the show, but the opposite happened... I friggin' LOVED it! When I finally saw it earlier this week I had a huge smile on my face the entire time. I thought the entire show, top to bottom, was absolutely BRILLIANT and performed at an extraordinarily high level. The 2012 Blue Devils are off the charts amazing. Thank you blue team!