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  1. I wonder if it would make sense for temporary rules limiting some of the items that add great cost to tour budgets to help corps field shows next season. With the ongoing issues many items that have been incorporated into shows have increased tour cost greatly. Many things you need to keep in mind are the costs behind the scenes to transport, build , and purchase these items. Trust me I LOVE drum corps today, but for the good of the activity should it be considered for things like props, electronics (except for miking keyboards) and uniform changes ect..... Would it make sense to preserve DCI tours by making it easier to go on tour, the trucks, the volunteers, and additional staffing that need to be fed paid and transported, the initial costs are a huge burden to bear as well. Just a thought, we cant lose these amazing performers or it will take years to rebuild, if at all, I can tell you my summer stinks, and no Indie!, crap