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  1. Hi all! Does anyone have reviews of these mallets for outdoor marching band use? Especially Salyer, I've never heard of that brand. I am looking for affordable outdoor mallets for my front ensemble, I am asking for my students to purchase their own sticks... if you have affordable suggestions for marimba, vibes, hard xylo (preferably can double on bells), and soft/medium xylo, please give them. INNOVATIVE PERCUSSION IP1002 JIM CASELLA SIGNATURE MEDIUM MARIMBA MALLETS Innovative Jim Casella IP1001 Soft Yarn Marimba Mallets Innovative Field Series FS250R Hard Rattan Marimba Mallets Salyers Percussion Marching Arts Collection Poly Ball Xylophone/Bell Mallets Innovative Orchestral Series OS1 Med Soft Rattan Xylo Mallets VIC FIRTH M266 IAN GROM CORPSMASTER MEDIUM VIBRAPHONE MALLETS INNOVATIVE PERCUSSION IP1005 JIM CASELLA SIGNATURE MEDIUM VIBRAPHONE MALLETS EDIT: Are "cymbal" mallets necessary for outdoor percussion use, or can any yarn mallet do?