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  1. What ever problems people had with streaming last year were not the fault of Flomarching unless they can somehow send perfect streams to some and crappy one's to others. The only problem we had last year was during one show and it was out internet connection.
  2. I could be wrong but i believe SCV self-reported and got them out before they competed finals week. There is a difference between knowingly breaking the rule and doing all due diligence and finding out that government documents had been falsified.
  3. I was told last summer by someone within the Cadets that there probably won’t be a C2 next year (2019).
  4. No SCV member was overage finals week and they marched holes in the drill. Also, they self reported when they became aware of the issue.
  5. Actually better yet I can put conditions on that use. You can use it but you can’t paint it ( rearrange the music). I can also say that I don’t like the way you used my car and say that you can’t use it anymore.
  6. The artist said no and they do not need to say why. Just like if you ask to use my car I don’t have to give you a reason why.
  7. We are not going to agree and that is fine. I just see a songwriter's work as private property. Have a good day.
  8. Tresona actually makes it much easier to secure needed licenses. Before they existed you would have to hunt down everyone that has a claim to the music and try to secure each license necessary for audio and video, like Empire State of Mind. With the Scouts in that situation, apparently a couple of the twenty something people that held part of the rights never responded, so the piece couldn't be synched. Tresona does not hold rights to music, they represent rights holders to ensure that their rights are protected. They are almost like a lawyer. Tresona now is almost one stop shopping which is good for DCI, BOA, etc. Why do rights holders not approve, could be the arrangement, some want it played as the complete original, and obviously some just want to be paid. I talked to the composer that sued Cavies in 1992. He said even though the piece was only played publically once at a music educators conference, recorded by someone and used by Cavies without permission, he was going to let the get away with it until the watered down the arrangement. For video the rights holders may not like how their music is depicted visually. I know many of you don't agree with any of this but private property rights are the backbone to our economic system in this country. It is really know different than using someone's patent without permission.
  9. I believe you should be able to find them online somewhere, although I am certainly not advocating that. Seriously though, I would just tell your Congress person and senator that you really need to see the DCI finals video and they may make all intellectual property rights public domain before Christmas.
  10. Ok, but we are not supposed to talk politics on here. I got reprimanded years ago for a post that was deemed political
  11. You can't start the process necessary for video until the show has been performed. If you want opening night performance, you can apply after first show. If you want finals performance, you can't start until after finals. The rights holders can't be given a visual product to accept before it is performed. Same reason why Flo can't show recorded material.
  12. Went to the site and it was awesome to see they still vote for prettiest girl and most handsome boy in the corps. Sarcasm off.
  13. The cost of two extra weeks of tour has been mentioned. I know Academy didn't rehearse in Vegas because of the heat. I don't think anyone is going to want to do this during finals week. How about the issue of corps members missing their high school and college band camps because of the extra two weeks and in some cases not being allowed to take part? How about instructors that need to be back at their schools to teach. What about the many full tour volunteers that would have to be back at their schools? Many corps struggle to have enough volunteers now, filling two more weeks would be difficult, if not impossible.