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  1. Then Open Class. Division I wasn't until 1991
  2. Nor is the marching arts Flos sole business. But I pay more to a subscriber to get sports, otherwise I would use Philo.
  3. I am pretty sure Sling isn't offering a refund because of all the sports cancellations.
  4. The food truck was offered but never used. There were a lot of hoops the corps had to jump through to get the truck used. It was either Salvation Army or Red Cross. I don't remember but I rdo emember Bob saying the the trailer would have to be painted/decaled to make it look like it belonged to SA/RC. The corps did take a day out of the 2014 tour to help clean up LBI.
  5. Aren't all the fundraisers the same ones they have done in the past?
  6. Most in the top 12 will have all new this year...and next year...and the year after. This is a money maker. Get it cheap sell it retail
  7. Yes. It may not be the doom and gloom that some have said but it is apparently not rainbows and unicorns others are portraying either.
  8. Yup nothing negative and no regrets. I have actually done more tours on a food truck than he has marched.
  9. He just graduated with a music education degree and is looking for a teaching gig, not quite the excitement that at least one poster speculated.
  10. I have no idea how my almost 8 year old post got bumped but I was asked to say how it turned out. He marched that year and two more. He did great and loved it. A herniated disc kept him from marching 15-16. He made a top 12 in 17 but dropped when they went to all euphs. Trying a euph in14 is what caused the herniation. He is a baritone but switched to trumpet in14 because of the disc. He auditioned his age out year at Crown and self cut after two camps because his heart wasn't in it to give that commitment any more and his back was botheringhim a bit.
  11. 2019 - 21of 22 world, 24 of 36 does not top 12 through 14. 12 -14 were all basically the same score even though design and execution were not.