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  1. Thank you for all the feels this year…what a way to send my Blooguard into retirement. That was a special performance.
  2. How about 2023 outscoring 2016….pretty incredible!
  3. They should just move the props to the back of the field…gonna need them in a few minutes.
  4. I think @kevingamin is gonna post 100 pages on his own tonight! Play by play!!! 🙂
  5. Little bit of rain here in downtown Indy. Makes flowers in the garden grow 🙂
  6. Just canceled my Flo subscription for the year (good through 8/14)…PSA to not to forget to do that!
  7. Last ensemble ended just now for my Bloo guard. One last “Autumn Leaves”. They are ready. Been a helluva ride
  8. We are moving down to 137 tomorrow…I will try to swing by though!
  9. Tuba kid fell and almost got run over…GREAT recovery.
  10. I am at ensemble this afternoon. Focused and relaxed (if you can be those at the same time).
  11. I thought Bloo felt a little tentative tonight-massive show inside of a massive building maybe causing the slightest hesitation in what they were used to hearing in smaller venues? Now they know what the room feels like I anticipate a freer, looser Bloo tomorrow! I like where they are.
  12. Hard to believe that the performance characteristics were even a question.
  13. Content demand has been judged pretty consistent across top 4 corps…as I said, a dark horse…like Bloo percussion last year, perhaps? 🙂
  14. The expansion of the “blob” and dynamic change was new to me…the ballad translation from Part 3 (I think it is part 3) is also shorter now.
  15. Great performance just a few minutes ago…gonna be a great weekend!
  16. That was an INCREDIBLE performance. Bloo is loose and having fun…could be a ver special weekend coming up.
  17. We just neede Phantom to come out and blow the ####### rain away earlier….should have thought of that
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