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  1. My prediction is that the Mandarins will continue their yearly improvement and score a 91 (or better) next year. Seems the Mandarins are always the forgotten corps... but that's okay, because I'm sure they like other corps that are sleeping on them.
  2. Let's not forget that the Final are staffed by local volunteers trying to raise funds for local sports... they are not paid employees.
  3. I had it figured out finally, but it took me about a week of reading threads here on DCP. I first thought it was Burt Reynolds, then some random Australian dude, then Richard Petty, then finally figured out it was from Easy Rider... a movie that I really disliked by the way. 🙃
  4. I think I state the obvious when I say that BD has no trouble getting talented kids to fill their ranks. But watching so many of the other top 12 corps, it would appear that they aren't having much trouble either. So many talented kids out there.
  5. So that's who that is... I kept thinking it was Burt Reynolds from Smokey and the Bandit. 😀
  6. Speaking just for a few kids I personally know that marched this year, they had the ability, and some the opportunity, to march with BD, and they all chose other corps... it's not always about winning with these kids.
  7. Soloist: Let's also not forget Charles, the Mandarin's singer... He was also marching Contra when he wasn't singing. Not a one trick pony.
  8. I know, I'm a total Fandarin, but... I predict the Mandarins will continue their trend of increasing their scores every year and finish next year in the top eight.
  9. If there were to be a tie breaker, I think it should be based on the average of all three nights' scores.
  10. Yeah! Not only did they get their 90 points, they drew within almost a half point from Cavies and Phantom. What a fantastic year for the Mandarins, I'm so proud of all of you. Way to bring it all on finals night.
  11. I'm rootin' for ya Boston... loved this show since week one.
  12. Fantastic job on your final show, Mandarins. You guys saved the best for last, it was fabulous. Now it's in the judges hands... C'mon 90 points!
  13. I want to thank the first person on this thread (can't remember who) for posting about the wait in line. I texted my wife and son that they better get moving. They stood in line over an hour but they finally got in the gate before the Troopers go on. Thanks.
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