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  1. An interesting point, but would you also add multiple judges for brass and percussion? Those sections also make up large percentages of membership and have multiple demands. At first glance multiple guard judges sounds like a great idea. I agree that the demand and responsibilities of the guard as increased but again the same can be said for brass and percussion. Does performing high speed drill maneuvers or body work while playing a technical passage get taken into account on the brass or percussion sheets? I’m all for more judges but how many is too many, and how many of these skills, be it brass, percussion, or guard overlap on the GE and Visual captions
  2. As someone who marched in a good small high school band in the 80’s, that is pretty accurate. You used what you had and replaced pieces as needed. A full set of anything was rare. Budgets were small.
  3. My guess is the blue green variation is the horns/percussion after the black comes off. Similar to last years mid show change.
  4. This is just speculation on my part, but since Phantom’s uniform reveal didn’t include helmets, I assumed they were just wearing them for the parade and would not be part of their show.
  5. Ha! Love this and would love to see someone(Blue Devils)do this again from top to bottom with no cut and paste. When I clicked the link I thought wow I've never heard this arrangement before, after about 30 seconds or so I realized two windows had opened and one was playing a couple of counts behind the other and gave the opening a kind fugue like sound. very cool for a while.
  6. Update about the stage collaspe at the Indiana State Fair that someone posted earlier at least four dead http://news.yahoo.com/4-dead-indiana-state-fair-stage-collapses-022800469.html
  7. My Understanding for the reason the International corps being segregated into their own division is that they have diffrent rules back in their home circuits and have members that would not be eligible (overaged).
  8. I know the Scouts already tried a superhero show, but I would love to see the Cavaliers do Michael Giacchino's soundtrack for The Incredibles. I know it's Disney so the rights would be hard to get but if Impulse could get the rights surley the Cavaliers could. With their color guard a superhero show could be epic. i would love to see the Madison Scouts Return to Lake Mendota
  9. I was wondering if they would do that for the blu ray/dvd's. Not something I want to see over and over again.
  10. True, it is not a perfect definition. I would not define track and field as a sport. I would call it an athletic competition. To me it is no less valid an activity just because it is not a sport. The athletes train just as hard regarless. The problem is the emphasis we place on the word sport. It also is not really a big issue with me. I don't go around correcting people if they call drum corps or gymnastics a sport (except when dicussing if it is or is not). these are just my thoughts on the matter.
  11. each performance is judged seprately and is judged on its on merits and has no direct influence on the other corps. The Cavaliers cannot block the Blue Devils and keep them from scoring. Drum corps is an athletic competition and the particpants are as much athletes as the particpants of "regular sport". Calling it a sport, to me, is just another example of dumbing down the activity to make it more accessable to the general population.
  12. The problem, as I see it, is that in our society calling something a sport makes it legitimate. If gymnastic, marching band, diving, or anything else that does not involve two teams directly competing against each other is not a sport, then it is of lesser value than a "real sport" like basketball, or baseball and the like. Personally I do not consider drum corps or any competition where individuals or groups compete for a score rather than against an opposing team a sport. They are athletic and/or artistic competitions. The participants are athletes and every bit as dedicated, conditioned, and competitive as athletes of traditional sports, if not more so. We should not have to call drum corps (or cheerleading) a sport just to make it acceptable and more mainstream. It should be able to stand alone as a unique form of competitive creativity. Now if you want to make it a sport, then we need to put 2 corps on the field and let them do their shows at the same time. The corps with the most members standing at the end wins. I think this year it would come down to the Blue Devils and The Cavaliers for the championship. The Cavaliers may have the advantage with 100 rifles on the field, although the Blue Devils would have the stealth with mirrors. The Cadets would be disqualified for self inflected causalities.
  13. I have been trying to get a friend of mine, who is a high school band director, to use "The Funeral" from the Firefly soundtrack as a ballad. Beautiful piece.
  14. comment on the release of the teaser says they will anouce the theme Wednesday
  15. Kinda hard to tell for sure in that picture, but are they using offset plumes?
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