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  1. Maybe so, but salt obviously helps. Boston has shown that.
  2. That's what you view as getting stale. What I view as getting stale is how nobody can criticize Boston anymore without the wraths of hell raining down upon them because for some reason Boston is now the darling of DCI. That loaf is so stale it's practically growing mold by this point.
  3. So Crowns pit staff to BAC? Is Crown the only corps that BAC can poach from? Asking for a friend.
  4. It's also partially what put SCV in the situation they're in.
  5. Let's be honest, anything any corps does after the SCV announcement is going to spell doom if you ask the people of this forum. 🤷
  6. A lot isn't noticeable until it's on repeat in small segments.
  7. Then how do you not enjoy SCV ripping their black pants off to reveal white pants in 1985? I know you've said before that you didn't like older shows, but if you enjoy uniform changes, 1985 SCV has to be near the top!
  8. Unless I missed it, which I don't think I have, VMAPA isn't ceasing operations, just not fielding either corps for 2023, which means that as director of SCV, she is part of the ship going down, and more than likely had a hand in operations as director of the head corps. I'm just saying that she more than likely had a hand in it, no matter how deep the septic tank runs. Anyone who had any decision making in the organization has some sort of "blood" on their hands in my opinion.
  9. Okay, but until the speculation is and should be welcome, and not silenced. This is a discussion board and people are discussing the current situation at hand, of which speculation has been and will continue to be a part of it. Historically the captain goes down with the ship, or at least one with respect and dignity did.
  10. You've participated in off topic discussions before, so I'm failing to see the reason why you pinged this as off topic...not trying to come down on you, just a little confused about your motive.
  11. "The corps" to me are the members, and the corps that are left are taking care of those members from SCV in not having them pay any sort of audition fees and trying to ensure that they too can continue to have a home while not bankrupting themselves by saying "free tuition". That's what they can do, that's what they should do, and that's what they are doing. Nobody is going to be able to dig SCV out of debt except for SCV.
  12. The same could be said for people who sponsor kids to march drum corps. 🤷
  13. I would give anything for Flo to take over after this year's debacle during finals. As much hell as we have given Flo over the years, this never happened. I'd rather deal with a drunk camera man than paying for a subpar product.
  14. I had two band directors in marching band during my 6 years (we could join in middle school). The first was an amazing person outside of band as well as an amazing educator (even going as far as to pay for students fees who otherwise wouldn't be able to join), and we were quite successful on a local level as well as the national level in local BOA regionals. The second director came in and was an immediate nightmare, yelling at kids and getting in their faces while at attention to scream at them to the point of spitting in their faces because of it, throwing tantrums and throwing stuff off the tower making the drum majors chase after it in the wind, grabbing a hold of students and dragging them off the practice field (parking lot), harassing kids that weren't in band, making fun of certain kids in the band who had learning disabilities, etc. Needless to say that our level of excellence took a nosedive and after only a handful of years he was pink slipped and the program was unrecognizable. The program had dropped from right around 100 members to 40 members, financially we were ruined, and parents refused to allow their kids to join the middle school concert band program for fear their children would want to join marching band. Luckily the program has bounced back to almost what it once was, but it has taken over a decade to do so. I could write a book on my time under both directors and the stark differences between the two. I learned a lot from both. One I modeled myself as a music educator after, the other I was taught how to not be as a music educator. I'm sure you can easily decide which one I took after.
  15. I feel like that guy from SpongeBob every time I read something like "3 years later..."
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