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  1. Totally agree. The crowd around me were exactly the same - silent and mouths open in total disbelief.
  2. Emotionally, for this Sader fan, '99 Semis and Finals. My Saturday Night Live t-shirt has long worn out! Eat 'em up!
  3. Got to agree with previous posters - '88 was just plain awful.
  4. Now we have synthesizers we have hundreds of tubas for sale. Call 1-800 ALL CORPS
  5. Please explain how the "old debt" was generated. Also, explain how it was retired. The corps has increased its summer staff significantly over the past three years and it's salaried staff to four full time employees. Seriously, four full time employees!?
  6. I'd have to say most of 92 SCV Fiddler show. IIRC I Saw it early in CA then by finals virtually stripped.
  7. Would like reviews on Colt Cadets, Colts, and Troopers. Thanks.
  8. The designers and everyone's grandmother have known this for a month now. According to Jack (4th year contra) Sully left the building last Sunday and no more changes are planned - according to Jack.
  9. Did I miss it or did BAC forget to leave a place to roar in Conquest?
  10. They already have:-) Last year was their first season.
  11. Louisiana Stars were jaw-droppingly good for their first season last year. Can't wait to see them at their home show on Monday.
  12. I have two tickets for sale for both Prelims & Semis in Indianapolis. Prelims: Section 141 Row 8 Seats 17 & 18. $110 for the pair (pretty #### good seats). Semis: Section 437 Row 2 Seats 16 & 17. $150 for the pair. Won't be back in Iowa to mail them until July 27th.
  13. It's the dead spot at the beginning of the ballad that they need to take care of if they haven't already?
  14. I just voted Colts - works extremely well with the show concept and extends through the front ensemble.
  15. I know Colts had no closer drill. Did they at least play it?