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  1. GeorgiaGirl

    Hoschton, GA - July 11, 2018

    The unfortunate snafu with Cadets' housing site is entirely down to the recently-fired millennial band director at Woodland High School. He made a promise he couldn't keep, especially after showing up drunk to graduation. Had absolutely zero to do with DCI, the principal at Woodland, or Spirit of Atlanta. If anyone pops off at the mouth by bashing any of the latter, they are 100% wrong. Many thanks to the band director at Cairo High School for mitigating a very bad situation. With any luck, that former Woodland director will choose another career which has nothing whatsoever to do with music, because he should be kept the hell away from the marching and music communities. On another topic altogether, I'd like for Steve Tant at Crown Tickets to contact me with the names of the Spirit member's parents who were sitting on Row I, estimated seats 16-20. They were so obnoxious that they should be banned from all future DCI events. No one needs "fans" who abuse people in the seats around them. No, I don't keep secrets for anybody who doesn't deserve my discretion.
  2. Haven't logged in here in many years, and probably won't be back again. Make no mistake; this is an exponentially bigger public relations nightmare than gymnastics, Penn State, or that Schneider guy at Nickelodeon. One thought: It would be very wise for someone to check the social media accounts of a number of people, and download/archive everything, because those will very likely be scrubbed soon.
  3. GeorgiaGirl

    Coastal Surge has folded

    My mistake - Music City Drum & Bugle Corps - my mind's on those kids
  4. GeorgiaGirl

    Coastal Surge has folded

    We are good friends with the British percussionist and his family, and are trying very hard to patiently wait for Music City Legend to call back, but they have taken ALL afternoon without word. The window for either driving or flying these two kids to catch up with MCL is closing. Our BEST case scenario tomorrow is a 12 hour drive from Atlanta to Charlotte to Murfreesboro, and it's not improving. We're doing that to save these kids and their families the high price of last minute plane tickets. If you're with MCL, please ask Tom Grant or Keith Hall to provide an answer for these two kids, and as quickly as possible. They've already been through enough, emotionally, and dangling an answer is NOT okay.
  5. GeorgiaGirl

    The Crown Flu

    Boy, feeling really bad for ALL the corps members who are, and have been, feeling cruddy. Nothing worse than an unwanted interruption to the season! It's everywhere, though: NYT Thursday 7/23: Flu Changes Summer Camp Life
  6. Latest word is that only one tuba spot remains.
  7. GeorgiaGirl

    Great Video on CNN about a band program

    Zach Cogdill is my nominee for Boston Crusaders alumni of the year! What an incredible job this young man has done at his high school! OldSoprano just returned from seeing his alma mater's band off on their trip to Washington -- he said every media outlet in Atlanta was there to cover their departure, and the local ABC affiliate station is sending a reporter and cameraman along with them on the bus. Recent coverage: New York Times Atlanta Journal-Constitution WSB Channel 2 / ABC WAGA Fox 5 Atlanta WXIA Channel 11 NBC
  8. We're excited to be organizing the first annual Emerald Coast Classic at Choctawhatchee High School in Fort Walton Beach next Monday -- here's the show rundown: 7:40 Teal Sound 7:57 Colts 8:14 Glassmen 8:31 Intermission (20") 8:51 Boston Crusaders 9:08 Bluecoats 9:25 Spirit I've got a question for "the collective" ... what was the last year that there was a D1 drum corps show in the Florida Panhandle? CorpsReps is showing a Pensacola show as late as 1985, but I'm curious whether that was the last time. Has it really been 23 years? Yeesh, nobody marching now was even born then The show "crew" welcomes any and all suggestions from locals for post-show refreshments, preferably on the beach The stadium holds about 4,500 & should be a super place for a show. Tickets are $18, $16, $14 gen adm and $12 for groups of 25 or more. C'mon down to the beach and enjoy the show! (*DCP Insider Tip: The Hampton Inn on the beach is offering a special $99 room rate this weekend, usually $200 - call the hotel direct at (850) 301-0906, mention drum corps, & grab a reservation while they last!)
  9. GeorgiaGirl

    Finals placement set on Day 1

    "not every corps has competed yet, so how can you make that prediction?" It's unpleasant, but true. One day, somebody will figure out that it's as interesting as knowing exactly which two teams are in the Super Bowl, year after year after year. There's no suspense.
  10. GeorgiaGirl

    Bloomington, we have a problem

    Forget this football stadium nonsense. Let's go play indoors! LOL! Jerry Seinfeld's already booked, but he probably wouldn't mind a long weekend off, right? Might have to adjust the show a little, but desperate times call for innovative solutions, right?
  11. GeorgiaGirl

    Bloomington, we have a problem

    Thank you for the most sensible and intelligent comment so far, Linda. I think the time has already passed for any "ideal" solutions to this season's challenges. The goal should be to make 2008 the best season possible given this freak incident caused by weather at the Finals venue, and the threat to the activity itself by gas prices. Every corps is coping with very difficult challenges this season. Linda's right. Open your pockets for your favorite corps; they need your support. Our thoughts go out to our friends in the Drum Corps International office, and to everyone in the Midwest affected by the flooding.
  12. GeorgiaGirl

    Uniform smell

    Funny topic! The young lady taking care of Spirit's uniforms this summer told a funny story about uniform smell. She said that a couple of years ago, she was doing some volunteer work with the Russian State Ballet when they were on tour, and they told her their Russian home remedy for uniform smell. Seems the ornate traditional costumes they wore, made with authentic fabrics and heavily beaded and embroidered, were never laundered or dry cleaned... ever. They put a mixture of cheap vodka and water in a spray bottle, and misted the costumes with the resulting costume cocktail. "That cheap vodka," she admitted, "pretty much killed any smell those costumes had." Ahh, no, we don't know if Spirit will be more "spirited" than usual this summer.
  13. GeorgiaGirl

    Lying about corps experience

    Some lady showed up at Spirit's souvie trailer at a show, claiming to have been in the rifle line in 1979. Regrettably for her, the souvie volunteer at the counter had been in that rifle line, and was quick to point out the discrepancy...
  14. Need an excuse to go to the beach? Friends of Spirit, Inc., on behalf of Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps, is proud to bring Drum Corps International to Fort Walton Beach's Choctawhatchee High School! Fort Walton Beach, Florida was voted "#1 Beach in America" in a recent USA Today poll and "Best Beach in the South" by Southern Living magazine. Mark your calendar for Monday, July 14 to see: Bluecoats Boston Crusaders Capital Sound Colts Glassmen Spirit Teal Sound More info coming soon! Area links: Emerald Coast Info Show venue: Joe Etheredge Stadium @ Choctawhatchee HS
  15. Excellent points in the first paragraph. This is a youth activity, not a pilot for Donald Trump's "Apprentice", but that's what backdoor meetings say, folks. Cut it to nine, and 3 or 4 of those will gang up and decide they don't need the other 5 or 6 to be "effective" and "organized". Then one of those will decide he needs to be Tony Soprano, and ba-da-bing. Why, indeed, judge by scores *or* financial statements? Competitive points and dollar signs are just numbers. Competitive judging is by definition subjective, and there are people who'll cook books to say anything you want for a few hundred bucks. If this really isn't about a few egos, those egos should logically be comfortable with a rotating panel, a common practice in many professional associations and even in some protestant denominations. You sign on and agree to a 3-5 year term, then rotate off. It keeps things on the up-and-up. I don't wanna see the same four football teams in the playoffs every year, and I don't wanna see the same nine corps year after year after year. Borrrring. And how many shows would those nine end up doing? 7 to 10 at the max. Take away all the benefits from the other corps, and they'll all fold one by one. ("but that's not what it says", "but that's not what they want to do"... yeah, yeah, talk to the hand.) Nine corps of 150 members... so out of the entire world (don't forget that "i" in DCI), and that tallies to only 1,350 marching members. My, my, my. While we're talking about people -- how many people does this plan leave out in the cold? Let's see, local schools and organizations who sponsor shows that will probably fall off the schedule... instructors and staff for the corps who will have to cut back severely or fold... kids who used to be in the other corps... a large number of judges who won't be needed with fewer shows... It's certainly easy to see exactly who it would benefit. Question I haven't seen here yet: Most of the corps are non-profit corporations; is YEA a non-profit corporation? They operate dozens of competitive events outside of drum corps. Most of the other corps don't, and may not want to. A regular corporation and a non-profit have vastly different business models. Is the gist of this idea to give everybody the same business template to adopt?