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  1. Agreed. I would hate to know that the main reason I was hired was because I urinate standing up. I've known and worked with many great leaders as women and also... many great men!
  2. There are several errors in this: The Show is titled: SubTerra (There is a capital T) Repertoire: Ritual and Discovery (Original Composition) by Key Poulan and Ike Jackson On the Shoulders of Giants by Peter Graham Truman Sleeps by Philip Glass Capture (Original Composition) by Key Poulan Run Boy Run by Ambroise Willauma and Yoann Lemoine Sacrifice (Original Composition) by Key Poulan and Ike Jackson Truman Sleeps is on youtube. Rain in Your Black Eyes was simply the inspiration but was replaced with Truman Sleeps in January
  3. I'll go first: I had the pleasure of marching with: 1983 Blue Devils Gino Cipriani Glen Crosby John Meehan was in the B Corps at the time. There have been many who been in and out of the activity at the educational level but marching that 1 year and this literally being 36 years later... I'm sure I've missed a few and I will update as I am reminded. I look forward to seeing your lists!
  4. Yes. Pete Weber and I worked together at SCV from 2006-2011 and Mandarins from 2016-17. A good friend and a fantastic person!
  5. The White Sabers have a clean and power horn line! There has been a great deal of detail in terms of the performance of the book from balance standpoint.
  6. The drum line has many moments of brilliance especially during the tasty soft moments of the front ensemble. Nice work Paul and Sandi Rennick!
  7. The use of the Serenada Schizophrana was a brilliant choice for this program!
  8. It's interesting to me that there was no color guard support in the percussion feature.