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  1. is this a personal attack, do I need to report you to the mods?
  2. Recall coming of the field and going by Bridgemen as they were lined up smoking in uniform
  3. I generally agree with your opinion and would credit Crown, for better or worse, with popularizing body movement All the corps through the ranks influence each other by using stuff they’ve ripped off of bands, WGI, dance troop and bad trips
  4. that's cool, was really backing up your point but I see now that I did a poor job as that wasn't clear no offense meant or taken
  5. Even as a dinosaur, I can’t get worked up over these new style uniforms. I just don’t care either way but when they go badly they are way worse than what we have ever seen. Good thing they only last a year
  6. All I said was Crown brass has influenced BD brass writing and all the snowflakes melt, not disregarding anyone one. Crown sometimes overwrites their runs killing the flow of the piece so while I appreciate the effort it can be too much, I feel some of that has crept into BD's book since 2014 You have a very pretty corps BD
  7. So that face in the Cavies show logo logo, is it supposed to have devil horns or is that just me ?
  8. I agree but I feel they have become more gratuitous and less melodic with their runs as a result of Crown.
  9. Consider this spring training for DCP – now keep those scroll fingers relaxed and at a nice angle with a smooth, even pace. This time at 180 BPM
  10. Don’t know of have any clue but I’d like to see the Colts back in finals
  11. They’ve been chop and bop for a long time. What I notice is by chasing Crown for the Ott, they too have gone run happy and this book is written with Crown in mind. Last year they used Bumble Bee as their Crown-copy run piece so it was more subtle with in the context It also feels like last years’ book, half technical box ticking, bowing to the judges and the rest slow, build and musical. If it follows, more stagnant, group brass dance wiggle visuals for the brass runs with the guard doing filed coverage and the drums motions. I’m getting a 2017 part 2 with new props vibe