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  1. Anyone know who it is the Cadets "brought in"? Who wrote the new ending?
  2. I'd guess that draws mean more because first, it's work to change something so it has to be that much better, and then some, to make anyone go through the effort of making all the adjustments. Second, with corps so much closer in execution levels, it's hard to remember the exact difference between the corps you just saw and the one four corps ago when the last two were equally as good.
  3. I noticed this too and told my friends that we were lucky to be right of the 50 in Lynn, MA. I was thinking it might be due to fact that the right side (from the audience perspective ) of Lucan Oil Stadium stops at the top of the seats with a wall of windows. Whereas the left side is open to the escalators, etc. So maybe they want to use the concert hall effect of a solid background to hit the stands with volume and GE from the horns.
  4. OK now, can we get back to Cadets 2019? If y'all want to keep going on about whether corps (in general) should be releasing more information or not, can one of you please start a separate topic on it? So, what I recall reading about Cadets 2019 so far is: I think someone mentioned something about some really cool props that were in the process of being professionally built Current brass camp report stated that they know the entire book Camp report also said they were very impressed with how prepared all the kids were What else do we know?
  5. So what caused a 10 point penalty for Violet Crown Independent? They would have come in second instead they ended up in 13th place!!!
  6. That's apples and oranges. A timing penalty is for taking too long to set up, which impacts all the following groups. It doesn't matter if the delay is for a broken drum harness or the plugs on a soundboard, it delays the game. Having a sound system issue during a performance is no different than if a bass drum head breaks. The impact on the audience is affected and there will be the potential of impact on the GE or other parts of the score. But an outright penalty should not be assessed for equipment malfunctions during the performance.
  7. Post of the decade!! Thank you boxingfred, now onto more things Cadets!
  8. What I see as an extremely bad reflection of the participants in this board is the fact that there are three threads running right now about this and not one single person yet has said CONGRATULATIONS NATALIE STEELE!!! Everyone seems to forget that while they are climbing all over one another trying to influence/impress with our opinions over DCI, Morrison, Cadets, red carpets, etc. that there's another human being to be considered. I was going to start a new thread just to give Natalie somewhere to go and enjoy the accolades that should deservedly be coming her way. But too many of you would have to ruin that too by putting the attention back on what you can all fight about. So petty. Congratulations and best wishes Natalie! !!
  9. I'd love to see them go back to the styles of Stonehenge and To Tame the Perilous Skies. Not those pieces, but of that era and style. And those visuals!!!
  10. The two that irk me the most are: the chatty one sitting directly behind you who talks to her friend non-stop and not at a wisper. The second are the people who sit forward in their seats and block half the field for the people in the next few rows. Then, instead of asking them to sit back, the one in the next row sits forward.
  11. So, anything new from Cadets? Seems so strange for it to be so quiet. Most years, we'd be on our third controversy about the next year's show by now!!!
  12. Great to hear about some people's experience with these folks, but seems like a very young and inexperienced group. Maybe good if they stick around, but what can they do for 2019?