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  1. A drumline simply playing is not nearly as loud as a doctor beat.
  2. Corps need to start looking at electronic music. So much good stuff that could translate pretty well on to the field.
  3. I'll play even though, admittedly, I don't know much about the uniform history of the Chrome Domes. But some googling turned up this. I dig it. And those helmets are unique. Very cool! But what happened here? I'm speculating that perhaps budget constraints led to this simple uniform. I get the need to save some money, but I'm sure we could have done better. The polo shirt with white pants, that belt, and why the newsboy style hat? Did they play the music of Newsies? (Side note... I played the music of Newsies in 1993. No one ever do that.) And the gauntlet with short sleeve thing? Why is this look popular in Wisconsin? It's hideous. Next corps: Kiwanis Kavaliers
  4. Closing this. If the OP would like to repost this, please do. Inappropriate and OT posts will be removed.
  5. Hi Nanci, I made an appearance in a photo in 2008! :) Our long standing policy on DCP is to not discuss why a member may have been warned, suspended or banned. Please know that before any type of suspensions are handed out, the Forum Support Team discusses the issue at length. Suspensions are never given out with out lots of discussion and a valid reason. Geoff
  6. Hi Tom, I have never met Don, nor have I had any interaction with him. I'm not going to go in to reasons why a member may be banned, but please know, it's never personal. Geoff (it's 93 degrees out today. Come visit sometime.)
  7. It's not. That show is being held at the school I teach at. It's not our championships.
  8. You haven't marched a parade until you marched a Santa Claus parade in Ontario in the middle of December.
  9. Reminder. Posts of a political nature are not allowed here and will be removed.