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  1. Well, if I had that vantage point, I'd hope the ticket was free. Plus, you're picking and choosing your point of argument from a very small context. The crowd seems to get a bit gaga over the drums, which I think is thge point of that section --- that we've seen for HOWWWWWW many years? C'mon, Cadets! "INNOVATION" does not mean doing the same thing year after year after year after........ DCI Rules Congress is like the US Congress: you give them an inch, and they'll steal your mile. Amplification was originally meant to cut out the percussion people's incessant whining over "not being heard i
  2. Dude, you had me in your corner until I saw that Penn State crap on your website. :sshh: <**> :sshh: <_< :P
  3. A-friggin'-MEN. It was the first time I really paid heed to fair-weathers. I always thought that Cavies got lucky-- not because Star marched horribly on Saturday (look at the last company front. HOW does anyone get out of step at that point?!?!?) Cadets lost all steam in the hornline (performance--not effect) which led the way for Cavies. The flock to BD '94 was very similar as was, I think, Cadets last year (but their souvie stand is always crowded!). I think 1999 was a huge exception w/ SCV having to make up almost a point to win. The crowd was clearly on their side. All in all, 1992 was a
  4. Oops: a former judge. I thought I edited that in. Aside from that, I posted exerpts only. And how is this "harming?" Good Lord, from the venom I've read here so far, one would think they should be scoring in the 50's. After reading these thoughts from an objective voice, it puts my mind more at ease.
  5. Right. And the GE judges from Indy through championship night were paid off, right? No corps gets GE numbers like that (with HUGE gaps from 1st to second) with "zero integration of the elements." Just because you can read a judges sheet doesn't give you permission to second-judge them. Your opinion, although within boundaries, is just stupid. Poorly designed. Gawd, who are you?
  6. No, they have never beaten the Cadets. Remember last year? They were pretty close in June, and this conversation was pretty ripe. They once came close in 1988, but when it counted (in KC), Cadets were up by 9.4. I read that as, "The Cadets would REALLY have to be HORRIBLE to be beaten by the Bluecoats!" I have seen neither show, but I'd still bet my paycheck that Cadets' demand is MUCH higher and has much more room to grow. That's just based upon the design teams from both units.
  7. Yeah, loud is sweet, but Boston beating Crown this year due to decibels? It doesn't work that way, Bud. If it did, Madison would have won DCI in 1992, 1995, 1999 (at least).
  8. Well, define a "theme." Garfield 1985: "A Bernstein Portrait." Is that any more/less thematic than "One Hand, One Heart?" (BD '94) Cadets used only "Stonehedge" in 1998 to win. Theme? 1988: Madison's "non-theme" versus SCV's POTO. bzzzzzzz Phantom's 1996 "Whatever Cesario Dreamed Up for a Really Long, Meaningless Title." Theme? Crown's 2006: "In.stink.y" or whatever it's called. Is that a theme, or is it putting makeup on a sow (or painting the peacock)? Interesting question which brings up more questions.
  9. No... I was hoping someone would totally snap, thinking those were the scores. Cadets? I guess around 72 or 73... depending on if they're better than PR at this stage.
  10. Cadets..... 80.25 Phantom...72.10 Southwind. 58.00 Spirit..........56.95 Magic.........54.70
  11. I just looked at the recap. They were 7th in horns. Really? That was their best effort? Even after 3 DCI Championships?
  12. Interesting that THIS thread survived. Krista's profile does list SCV as a favorite. Someone start a "Glassmen will win..."
  13. Krista is nosing around this thread. Will it be locked before I hit ADD REPLY? Stay tuned... :P