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    So I just watched Cavaliers 2000 again

    This FFF mentality is why many band directors don't support drum corps. Teach the brass players to be musicians first!! Anyone can play loud...not everyone can turn a perfect phrase with balance and blend. What ever the Cavaliers are doing is seems to be working!! John
  2. Old Man

    Oswego show anyone?

    Here are my quick thoughts about Oswego: Turned out to be a nice night for drum corps under the lights! Pioneer-I am a fan of Holst 1st and 2nd Suites for Band. This show is very tuneful and happy. For the past couple of years, their drumline has overpowered the corps in size and volume. They need to figure out how to recruit more horns. Overall a nice show. Crossmen-This group sounds wonderful when they stand still.....the problem is that they can't do that the entire show. Once they start moving it doesn't sound like the same hornline. I know that this will improve as the season progresses, but for now it is holding them back. I must admit that I do not like their arrangements (especially The Planets). The Planets used tidbits of all the movements into their opener. Nothing was developed and it ended sounding cheesy. Sorry if I offended anyone! Madison--I really believe that the Scouts are still have very talented kids in that corps. With that being said their show design will take them nowhere fast! I think they need to go in a different direction. Ditch the Spanish music and find a new direction or a new style. I know I am old but go back to 1983 and watch what that corps did and repeat! Until their staff finds a good vehicle for this group I don't see them back in finals and that just kills me! Spirit-I really like the show and their music. The quality of sound produced by the hornline is very characteristic and balanced! There downfall right now is their feet and drill. Very dirty and far behind for this time. Once they fix this they will secure a spot in the top 12 because of talent and design! Cavaliers-This group knows how to perform. Not only is the design of their show far above the other corps tonight but these guys know how to sell it. I don't this show is perfect and I don't think this show will win as is and I am positive that the Cavalier design team knows that. The hornline does not manhandle you with volume but they use fineses when they play and I like it! There colorguard is going to challenge again for the top spot in Indiana and I feel that the drumline will compete better this year then they did last year. Well that is all I got for now. John
  3. I was just curious what the average age of DCP was currently. Thanks, OLD MAN
  4. Old Man

    DCM 1982

    This was one of my first corps shows. Who was there? We had a tie with the tick system between Phantom and Madison. If you were there write what you remember. It was amazing!
  5. Lets see..... 2000 1st place 2001 1st place 2002 1st place 2003 2nd place 2004 1st place 2005 2nd place 2006 1st place That is a long time being naked! Packy
  6. Old Man


    1979 Guardsmen....man, what a hornline! Then 1980. I loved every corps that year.
  7. Old Man

    DCI Atlanta: A 23 Corps Buffet!

    Please help me out.... Where did tonight's judging panel march in their day? John
  8. Bad weather in NE tonight....I doubt they'll march..... John <**>
  9. Old Man

    Normal, IL Predictions

    Cavaliers have been in camp at Normal for the past 4 days. I think they are going to be a lot cleaner then before. Cavaliers 82.20 Blue Coats 79.60 Scouts 75.00 We'll see... JT
  10. Old Man

    Pittsburg Reviews?

    Come on!!!!!!!! Was there anyone at this show? Packy