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  1. Storming in Pittsburgh, so no feed! Why is this distributed via Dish?
  2. Anybody have a list of the corps rehearsal sites for Saturday?
  3. Can't remember what his name is, but he is a member of Archie, and is probably the one that schlepped all of that stuff out there. They always have a great display at their after party at the Legion hall. He also toured with Jersey Surf last summer (probably this summer, too, but I saw and talked to him at Massillon last year)
  4. The podcast was great, but kind of a drag to have sit at the PC and listen to it. Any chance of making the podcasts downloadable? thanks!
  5. I believe it was also a reference to the Cadets show that year ("To Tame the Perilous Skies") Anybody ever actually translate the "scat" in Spirit's '86 opener?
  6. I was going to add this one. In addition to all of that, it was all marched backward (floating back and to the left). In what I thought to be a particularly cruel idea, they hit the set, then immediately do an about face. I always thought that was then to show the marchers exactly how good (or bad!) the form was.
  7. Come on, Mike, you're not old enough to be senile yet, are you? We were in the beautiful town of WILCOX on Saturday. We did go through Brockway (and Punxy and DuBois and Ridgway) to get there. To the first post in the thread - Steel City would love to come there next year (all prices are negotiable) Please contact our business manager, Fred Nicholas, at and check out our website at
  8. Gee whillikers Mikey. If Gliatas could ever play it in the ensemble, cleanly, and cut off with the rest of us, I wouldn't have to join in. If you'd like to get a copy of the recording of Black Saddles that he managed to ruin at the very end, I'd be happy to send it to you. (Actually, I don't know that it was him. It could have been you or Sweney)
  9. I love Maynard, but even when he hangs over it sounds wrong. Whenever our leads hang over, I try to match and exceed their hang over on my contra. Sometimes they get the idea and back off. If not, I encourage all of the contras to hang over at the end of each number. Preach it, THX!
  10. Got some press coverage in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review yesterday (unfortunately no pictures in the online version): See yinz in Pittsburgh and Boardman this weekend
  11. We have them on eBay right now with a "Buy It Now" price equal to the face price: DCI Tickets Great seats! Probably around the 40 yard line, way up high! Thanks for looking!
  12. Unfortunately, the music marking is not history. Probably half of our horn line still needs to mark in the fingerings and they've been playing bugles for 30 years. (even in the day of double valve bugles, some of them still "V" "R" and "X"!) DJ
  13. I have three tickets for DCI Finals for sale. They are in section GG, Row 21. I will sell them for face value plus any shipping or COD charges. I would prefer to sell them all to the same person, but would be willing to break them up, if necessary. I will be at the Hershey show this weekend, and probably the Pittsburgh DCI show. Email me for any more information. DJ Foremsky Steel City Ambassadors
  14. As a member of the Steel City Ambassadors, I would just like to thank St. Joe's for putting on a fantastic show. From the time we pulled into the lot, through practicing and warmups, this was a class act. Thanks also to the Brigadiers for reminding me what got me into drum corps in the first place. Hearing you guys warming up next to us in the gym gave me goosebumps (duck bumps?) where I didn't think I could get them. Finally, thanks to all of the other horn players for making the finale extra special. There aren't too many places where you can take the stage with 26 contrabasses. DJ Forems