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  1. ...and if you're looking for a uniform design head over to and sign up for an account.
  2. Please refer to the original post for updated information regarding new designs for this upcoming season. I look forward to working with you.
  3. Final rendering of the concept (pictured above) was done by 8two5 Productions through correspondence with OCContraKid.
  4. I just couldn't NOT post this one... I love it. I just finished this one up for Hostrauser and had to share. The corps name is Nebelgiest: ...and yes, those are chains :D
  5. If you're looking for something like the SMO uni's you'll have to send us a formal request on and we'll work something out schedule wise. I won't be releasing my source files to the public, sorry. DeMoulin has a Uniform builder but it's final result isn't too impressive at all... it can be found here
  6. How is weighted calculated? I've never understood that.
  7. Thank you guys, that means a lot to me. Plenty more to come
  8. I hate it when I space 3 days between competitions...
  9. Just thought I would post a small update here that I gave the look of my uniform illustrations a bit of an upgrade... check it out: Regiment 2000
  10. I tried sending you a PM about your uni... empty your inbox ;)
  11. I seem to be trying to play golf... my score is going down, not up.
  12. ...and then I have a night like last night... :D Doh!
  13. I have to say, this is my first "large scale" Fantasy Corps running and I was HYPED to see a win in DeKalb and a 5th overall ranking out of the gate. I'm proud of mah boys :D
  14. Have fun! Good Luck, I'll be tracking you on ;)
  15. ...and 8two5 Productions for rendering them :D </self promotion>
  16. I will be working on Ken's other designs during the season and off season so we can feature them here and at so check in soon and see what he has come up with.
  17. Latest additions to the 8two5 Productions line. Designed by OCcontrakid, Director of OYPA: Titan Regiment Royal Squadron Viper Brigade Uniforms for WCAMA - also designed byOCcontrakid: Oregon Llama Vanguard Stardom Supremacy
  18. Liberty will be fielding 146 members this season: 1 Drum Major All brass will be on G Bugles 26 Sopranos 12 Mellos 8 Baritones 10 Euphoniums 16 Contras 40 Guard 10 Pit Percussion 10 snares 4 toms 5 basses 4 cymbals
  19. is this the first time you've done this? I'm interested to see how you lay out the results. Looks cool.
  20. Another way to watch your rankings (raw score charts) is on my website I have upgraded the graphics on my chart this year, they're a bit larger than before.
  21. New uniform requests for this season are now closed. I will be completing all requests placed already but will not be adding any more. Requests can be made but they will not be added for this season.
  22. Just wanted to give everyone the heads up that I have changed the name of the company to incorporate it with the umbrella company behind Nothing else has changed but coming in the next week I will have a website set up for Uniforms at I will be on vacation until next Sunday so if you have any questions send them my way and I will answer them when I can. Thanks!