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  1. I too....since the theater premiere, and moreso seeing various videos online, feel the narration in the "My Shot" is far too much, and too repetitive and overshadows the percussion when they are right there on the sidelines with judge watching! Keep in mind that the speakers are right there too on the sidelines and may distort the clarity of the notes being played, but, in fairness to Colin's book... it has some tasty things just like Bloo & Cadets, so i can't see them as far down as they are unless there are some very visible technical errors we are not seeing/hearing from the vids . Also, the "Goliath" character needs as I have said before in this thread - a major overhaul/change. He needs to have a different appearance than the corps proper. He needs to be made larger... whether it be costuming, different armor (a gleaming silver breastplate would be awesome!) , additional padding ... wider - different colored pant legs whatever.. there also needs to be some sort of weapon... David had a sling... what does Goliath have? At present.....NOTHING!!! A huge gleaming sword could be added. Some additional colors (red) could be added too.... maybe signifying or representing blood? And the scene just needs to be re-worked as to how he actually "falls". AND..................... THERE NEEDS TO BE AN ORGAN/SYNTH ADDED! Please, Please ..... this makes the whole piece in the actual orchestral version! I KNOW ( as does everyone else ) the actual closers that we'll see in August are by no means realized or added yet --- nor will they be say until perhaps San Antonio. There is NO DOUBT that the Visual staff have a lot of changes forthcoming, and additions that we will see as the season progresses. I predict some changes to 'Goliath' and the ending scenes on a whole and a different closer than what we see/hear currently!
  2. I too like the ideas of the ground quaking / shaking... as well as the light shining somehow to cast a shadow when he is taken down... when he falls upon the wall impaled, maybe some splashes of red? However, one thing that just jumps out at me is the costuming of the "Goliath" character. IMHO he needs to be different than the corps proper. Perhaps that was intentional (thus far) to have him look identical in appearance as the whole corps. Perhaps maybe they could add padding - make him looked bulked out, maybe even a different breastplate, a different helmet and a HUGE sword! Currently, this huge figure in a biblical battle has NO WEAPON! And, a rifle being used as a sling shot? Need a better visual there if possible.... The corp uniform at present? The corps possibly needs a cape of some sort, they appear as soldiers, and many period armies in biblical times had capes of some sort. Red would be a very cool accent! AND... there is FAR TOO MUCH rapping and adding of the sound bytes used for "My Shot" from Hamilton. Seems to overshadow and take away from the percussion feature, as well as the brass moment when they are right there on the sideline by the pit! Soloists? The mic needn't be turned up so high! In the theater it seemed far to loud, but, the recording equipment was right there in front of them, so perhaps that's why. Otherwise, this show is appealing and just fun to watch and listen to! THAT GUARD! WOW! And the brass aint' to bad either! Percussion is great - but other corps like SCV and Crown are beating them with a better book. I am sure the staff and design team have MANY surprises and changes up their sleeves! Come August I hope this show will be in the top 5 - the competition is SO GOOD and the pack is running tight. BAC will need to really think out a climactic closer a few notches up from where it is now to do so. I HAVE, since I found out what the closer music was that the ending ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY needs more bass AND an organ synth! It would add so much to that closer! We shall see!!! Eat em' Up Boston!
  3. MAN OH MAN I AM IN LOVE! That brass and drum line are doing great! HOWEVER, as an organist and very familiar w/Once upon a Castle Xanadu, BAC will hopefully (DEAR LORD PLEASE hear and answer my prayer!) use a MIDI or synth clip of the organ accompaniment from this piece, look at how effective it was w/Crown in "Inferno" - with out it, this piece is still great --- BUT with it added is SPECTACULAR! This is a pseudo triumph based show based on a biblical character. Let's remember that the bible says "Praise him with organ, strings and harp, bang the cymbal and blow the trumpet!" God I so hope they'll ADD an organ part to the closer! Take a listen! Maybe you'll all agree! Especially the ending few measures!
  4. Okay - so I've listened to, five times thus far, and as an organist/horn player I'm curious. What is the order of the pieces they have selected this year? Anyone know yet? MOST DEFF (IMHO) the 'Once Upon a castle', Mvt IV (if that's the mvt they are really using) should be the closer -- but who the heck am I?!? An organist friend of mine premiered this piece for organ and made a CD (Naxos label) and I emailed him to see how he felt about hearing this as a drum corps performance and he is elated and wants to hear/see it somewhere on the east Coast (he teaches at Julliard & has quite the recital circuit schedule). This piece (Mvt IV) would be the ULTIMATE CLOSER, especially for Gino & Colin and crew! EAT Em' up Giants! Anyone know the order of pieces? See you all 'on the road soon'!
  5. You know - re-reading my post, perhaps these are stannd still/parade/encore pieces? Hmmmm... I guess we all wait until.............. ZZZzzzzzz
  6. Hmmmm .......... from a FACEBOOK group it was mentioned that the rep is/may be: (no confirmation tis fact or rumor) : The preview show may have had: A little Tears for Fears, Maroon 5 and Hamilton. Brass ensemble needs to be (and will be) a lot tighter. Battery kicks major ###. They will advance in placements and their incredible discipline evident in ensemble performance will get them there. REALLY different from the preview video a month or so ago with the "Water glass and vibration" if this holds to be true.
  7. Agreed...SO MANY opportunities for various solos in brass AND percussion. Even the chance to use some vocals. In track #9 at min mark: 3:10 Colin McNutt and the visual crew could do wondrous things...
  8. You know - unrelated to "this Years" show and speculated theme... I've been thinking of BAC's mission statement, their 5 yr plan and "building a champion" theory and happened to pull of my CD of the "Quo Vadis" soudtrack by Miklos Rozsa.... WOW! What music that could fit so well w/BAC's strengths of late in Brass, CG & Drums... and, on a whim recalled my latin history where Quō vādis? is a Latin phrase meaning "Where are you marching?" It is also commonly translated as "Where are you going?" or, poetically, "Whither goest thou?". Hmmmmm ...... I wonder if anyone in the BAC staff has ever listened to this soundtrack or even knows about the great pieces within? IMHO Gino C., Colin and crew could turn this into a musical, visual feast! Could you imagine putting excerpts of this on the field? Just some thoughts about music, current trends in show design, 'costuming' and staging... a perfect vehicle for Boston or no? Any thoughts folks?
  9. You know, this morning I was listening to: Ralph Vaughan Williams: Piano Concerto in C major and thought: "wow... what a great piece that Boston could try to do". The 'parts' fit nicely with the current arranging, and it is a step up from the past rep of 2016-2017. They surely have the talent base, the excellent staff and the ability to pull it off. I keyboard would be needed, but what an opener/closer or even ballad! Give it a listen.... thoughts? Whatever 2019 brings I'm sure BAC will knock it out of the park! (no pun intended or reference to the baseball slogan) EAT EM'UP Boston !!!
  10. Well... rather than another "lost" anecdote... how about something that involves 'Forward' motion? Like the corps theme of 'Building a Champion'. How about a show titled/centered around "Moto Perpetuo" (Perpetual motion)? Gee.. some corps have done it before... but some GREAT source music here! NOT saying play the same stuff but here is a great book that BAC could use quite effectively with that greats staff across the board in Boston!! Some great music of same show title was: "Moto Perpetuo" Chains of Reaction by Key Poulan Newton's Cradle by Key Poulan Echoes of Time by Key Poulan Speed of Sight by Key Poulan Thoughts? By no means copy the pieces but still -- can you imagine a transcrption of that opener/closer with Gino, Colin & crew !!
  11. Ok folks --- watched the LIVE feed and I just gotta say it.... INCREDIBLE! As a bras player, the tone, quality and technical difficulty is ahead of last year, and, interweaves nicely with the percussion/ensemble. There were some rough transitions but ####!!!! For June, this was exceptional! The BAC staff has certainly gotten their groove on and you can sense it in the kids performance. I'll be on the road w/the corps 7/5 & 8/4 --- who else from DCP & BAC alums etc will be on tour those dates? WOULD LOVE to connect with you all! EAT EM' UP BOSTON!!!
  12. Hey does ANYONE know where the corps will be on June 9th & July 6th? I am volunteering and got those dates from Chris Holland but there is nothing on the 'calendar' as of yet on the website. I know in June they will be in VT - and I am hoping I am wrong as for me, being in PA, that's a drive - but, I'd probably do it! :) Just need to know where/housing so I can plan at work and driving
  13. Anyone else think that this staff will be a medal contender in 2018 - 2019? Now, granted, there will be attrition of MM's (age outs, leaving for other top 3 corps, school, money etc) but this staff assembled are top notch, and have been to the 'big show" MANY times among them. This past years show was genius, and it not only had a theme/storyline - but it had a seamless flow (almost like SCV) where once you start listening/watching -- it's over and you are like WOW! That's it? There are some awesome pieces of music out there - and (no pun intended tho it certainly fits!) they literally lit a fire under the current membership, and those who are prospective MM's in the tri-state area. That helps retention and recruitment for sure! I think, and it's IMHO only.... that they may stay true to their identity with the similar uniforms currently used, and go a similar route in music and design. NO, I don't think we'll see the 'fire pit' again (all props have been sold I think) - but I think it will be powerhouse bras & perc to be sure. 12th to 6th in a year? HELL YES! :) Higher than 6th in 2018? I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT! However, the top 5 are so solidified (and adding Cavies back into this mix) makes it ever so much ore challenging for the designers AND the music writers! I say they stay 6th ..... which is NO SMALL task either! It's tough competition out there and their staff knows it -- they also know what they CAN do as a collective group! "I" think their 2018 show may already be tentatively outlined... but, we shall see won't we after Thanksgiving!
  14. I KNEW I was right! JD Shaw would NEVER over mic his arrangements! He's a play it or be played kinda guy even since his early Phantom days!
  15. Trying to end a debate and/or argument with those that were in Allentown, so if anyone knows -- please share!
  16. WAS THE ENTIRE (all members) of the hornline mic'ed? I thought only some of the soloists and the 12 member ensemble -- I've read other posts/threads that SCV's ENTIRE hornline was using wireless microphones (and some can be seen on members waistlines in videos as members have their backs to the cameras... can someone clarify?
  17. Well... Me? A golfer? Maybe miniature golf .... I may kill someone! But, I was considering the audition camps and those thereafter and then a week or so in the summer. After 4 surgeries on my back since 2012 -- I am FINALLY able to get back into volunteering as I used to. Looking fwd to it VERY much
  18. Well.. looking towards Boston's drum corps history ... if they want to stay with <A's history... there is ALOT of pieces performed w/Boston Pops (John Williams IE) that they could pursue that would encompass some of their history and match the uniform scheme - depending on the theme chosen. I say October or latest November.... BAC hasn't been shy of late since the new staff in providing insight into their show(s)
  19. Thanks Brasso ... I think "Trittico" or ":Ben Hur" are great musical choices -- but there is SO much out there.... 2018 holds GREAT PROMISE! Can't wait to be a part of it any way I can
  20. yes indeed -- "Quo Vadis" WOULD need a bigger choir.. but, with the age of electronics/samples... who knows? Well, currently I am working on a brass orchestration of James Curnow's -"Trittico". NOW That would be a PERFECT vehicle for Boston to "resurrect" !!!! Just speaking my mind.....
  21. I am a trained singer and vocal coach of over 25 yrs... while not present or "in person" except for DCI East to hear her sing "live" -- there are subtle yet noticeable changes in pitch, pronunciation, cut off's/entrances that CAN be noted and seen/heard in many of the videos throughout the season. To add to this, there are several ways to indicate phrasing as well as breath control. Any GOOD singer or teacher of same will tell you, diaphragmatic breathing is a learned skill! One does not see the chest moving, or any movement in the shoulders if done correctly! One CAN see movement in the vocal chord area of the throat if you watch a good singer perform -- Boston's soloist included! Any one who questions good breathing should watch Rene' Flemming sing in the high registers... although she being an operatic voice or tessitura, or colortura tones and vocalization are usually different based on language and pitch and how well a singer can vocalize using the mask of their facial structure. That being said, it is very clear that she is singing 'live' in an outdoor setting via a wireless mic, which is amped through a soundboard/speakers which - for anyone who has done it (and I have) can look like there is a delay... and it can be a millisecond but you just 'go on singing'. She was spectacular... and I hope, my simplistic yet boring explanation may have helped some understand the trials and tribulations of singing outdoors, with a wireless mic while accompanying brass/perc, through amplification, in wind, extreme temps etc will always be a challenge. She did a great job -- and, for some that may not have seen it, but Boston did post some photo's of her being coached by a visiting opera soprano! She has a promising vocal career outside of corps should she wish to pursue it!
  22. If I had ANY input in what repitoire/music Boston "COULD" consider I might say music from Miklos Rozsa's "Ben Hur" or "Quo Vadis". SPECTACULAR orchestral works that would work extremely well for a corps, especially Boston with the staff and design mindset they have in place! Could you imagine hearing that (again) on the field? OMG! Blue Knights did it in 95 ??? Either piece (score) would be awesome for guard and percussion, not to mention brass! And, a stellar theme for a "Crusade" to a Championship!
  23. AS ALWAYS Liahona -- YOU ROCK! Can't wait to meet you "On the Road" or in the stands or at camp etc to say THANK YOU!
  24. WHAT A YEAR! My, my.... what can we hope for next year? Myself? Just more of the same.... only BETTER! GREAT STAFF, GREAT support crew, awesome arranging/staging, I can't wait for 2018 & be involved in any way I can now that I am able to do so. My spouse is even contemplating driving if needed (CDL Class B & small truck certified) & we BOTH have all our updated background/child interaction credentials valid for 3 yrs! Hopefully, we can spend a few weeks w/the corps next summer when they are on their East Coast tour. BRING ON 2018 ......