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  1. I have no doubt that feedback regarding this change will be a hot topic among judges when they next convene, and I'm going to trust them to decide its fate over the opinions of us armchair judges.
  2. Well clearly Plato is biased against one of them. 😜🙃
  3. Someone will do a show based on the musical "Hadestown." Now, that's not REALLY a prediction so much as it's me putting that out into the universe and hoping some show designer will pick it up.
  4. In case someone hasn't already answered this later in the thread, no. In 1989, Star of Indiana earned 6th place with a 95.30.
  5. I’ve been wondering the same thing all season.
  6. I do think DCI needs to be a little stricter about guidelines for who judges finals--mainly, they should have judged at least one regional OR have judged every World Class corps at least once. Orefice (who judges Visual Proficiency tomorrow at Finals) has never judged SCV, Cavies, Blue Knights, and Mandarins before. That's a LOT of corps to have a first-read on at DCI Finals. I'm not questioning that judge's ability, but none of those corps have ever gotten feedback of any kind from that particular judge.
  7. HUGE congrats to the Mandarins, who have broken the years-long bad luck streak of first-time finalists not returning to finals the following year. You've shown the world that last year was NOT a fluke, and I couldn't be happier for or prouder of you all! Enjoy the crap out of performing in finals tomorrow!
  8. Couldn't agree more. It's just bad to arrange it so brass doubles a vocal solo.
  9. Did Goliath's head fall off early? If so, that's two nights in a row that Goliath lost his head early (I'm pretty sure it popped off too early yesterday too, but it was hard to tell on the broadcast).
  10. What's the purpose of disguising the male guard members as brass players for the first couple minutes of the show?
  11. Usually that small. People doing the lot thing, which I just never understood.
  12. WTF, why did Flo suddenly refresh itself and switch me from High Cam to Multi Cam?
  13. Next Dan Potter question, asked of the Academy flugel soloist: "You did a tremendous job out there. Is there an asterisk next to you getting that solo since there may be other players in other corps who could have joined Academy and gotten it instead?" 🙃
  14. And it would be deservedly so. That question was absolutely inappropriate to ask, ESPECIALLY of one of the members who just completed a season of busting his butt. At BEST, ask a staff member, but even THAT I would frown upon. Leave that kind of a crappy question for the internet to ask.
  15. Awwww Dan Potter, what a loaded question to ask the Spartans' DM live on air. I think that was in poor taste.
  16. Agreed. It makes me angry that so many of those people who WILL be in those seats ARE on site but just hanging out in the warm-up areas.
  17. Here's the DCI article from earlier this summer:
  18. Ten. It refers to this being their 10th season back on the field since their hiatus.