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  1. Remember that they are not being judged on last year. They are being judged by what they are doing on the field this season. That said while I don't think they are on the level of BK at this point in the season, I don't know that they are truly six points off of BK/SCV. The show in Loveland last night was screwy in timing. I think G-men got caught in the middle of the messy timing and that might have had a play on them last night. There were some odd breaks in the Loveland show that were done on the fly and I don't know that they got the word in time. I will say that I really enjoyed this year’s G-Men. I think they have some very nice moments and some really good sounds from their horns! I think that if they can get feet cleaned up and a little more confidence or swagger that they can rock this product! Good luck Glassmen, thank you for a great show! Robb BK Mello '96 '97
  2. Went to the show, the venue wasn't bad, however with only one ticket line, there were a lot of people outside when the show was to start. After High Country Brass played they took a 30 min break to allow all the people to get in. Colts were next to the field since they were first up, they were able to see and roll with the delay. I don't think the word got to the G-men because they got to the line before the Colts show started. IMO, that might have been what hurt the G-men, having to stand on the line for a whole show. BK blue me away! The build in Nimrod followed by a great dramatic release... Mass chills!!!!! They get the back half of the show groovin like the first half and they will just kill it. They have room to improve, but they are so far ahead of where they normally would be at this point. The sound is just fantastic, ridiculous... Trying to take off my bias I did think that BK beat SCV. IMO, reading on DCP about how technical SCV's show is, I don't think that they have room to take BK over the course of the season. BK has a lot of long playing sections for the horns that just keeps building to and thru Nimrod. Once they have the gas to close out the show with the intensity that they start it, it will be ridonkulous. The comparison with SCV is that they have a lot of neat horn moments at the beginning, but there is not the demand of length of playing (stamina) so that they can be strong to close the show. BK starts the show and GO; SCV starts slow and don't really get to mass horns till the midpoint. In their encore I heard them do something I've never heard them do before: play and sing. They started playing "You're Just too Good to be True," then the Tubas kept playing with the drums while the rest of the horn line started singing the song. I was seriously jazzed! It was fun and nice to see them doing something to get involved with the audience before scores were announced. I don't know that I have enough to write a full review, but I do have thoughts on everyone that performed. All told I thought all of the Corps acquitted themselves very well!
  3. How much? I know it's a small stadium and all. I may join the lot lizards tonight then. For that matter I might have to go find brass warm up.
  4. I hope not, at least till I get a seat!
  5. Oh I don't mean to sell short '96. I am so proud to have marched that year, and it is my fondest memory of marching! I'm just jelous of how they sound!!! The sound they put out makes me wish I'd been a Contra player, or a Euphonium player, maybe a Trumpeteer other than just a Mello... To take a page out of baseball, their sound is just filthy (the good kind of filth like when a pitcher throws an unhittable ball that makes a batter look stupid...)! I'm proud of my years in the Corps, all the alums past and present, and I'm so very proud of the kids marching this year representin all of us so very well!! Robb BK Mello '96 '97
  6. I'll be at Invesco. Contemplating heading up to L-land tonight. Wish we were this good in '96! It's a far cry from those days. I'm proud of these kids in my beloved BK! DO IT UP BK!!! Robb BK Mello '96 '97
  7. BK you're making all alums proud! Keep the pressure on and we'll see ya when ya get home! In honor of my brothers Wes and Madrid; Get Classical MFBK! Robb Mello '96 '97