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  1. Not surprised. Grove City can play with anyone musically. Incredible concert bands as well. Haven't seen a show of theirs in a while but I suspect they do not put the time into visual and the type of modern visual programs we see now.
  2. I believe Phantom Regiment was 9th in total competition somewhere in the early 2000s but won high percussion a few years in a row (back before their staff went to SCV).
  3. This was one of the first corps to come to mind when considering the OP's question. They would have won drums had they been able to compete in Finals. I recall Garfield taking 7th overall in 1981, but they were 3rd in brass. Bluecoats ended up in 7th overall in 2007, but they won high brass in Quarterfinals. It's tough to find big extremes in DCI competition, but I am sure they are there. The opposite was true in 1984 when Garfield won the title but took 9th in percussion. BTW, who was the band that took 8th in music performance at BOA prelims? Not bad.
  4. Agree. The more shows the better, even if they are 4 to 5 corps. Sometimes it's nice to attend a local show that's not too long and that leaves you time to go out and do something after the show.
  5. I do think it would be cool to see Finals in the Bay Area (Santa Clara). That stadium (49ers) is quite good for drum corps, and there is a ton to do in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, San Jose, Palo Alto, Cupertino, etc.). I always loved being in Madison, with the Scouts being the hometown corps. Seeing SCV be a hometown corps at Finals would be neat too. But that aside, I do believe the Bay Area would make for a great finals. Yes, it's an expensive trip for midwest, east, and southern folks. But for a one-time deal, I would be there.
  6. Cleveland is no more dangerous than any other big city. The bulk of the crime in CLE has been on the east side, not downtown. Cleveland is a revamped city experiencing a major renaissance in downtown, and it has amazing suburbs. It is close to Akron and Canton. It's downtown sports facilities are among the best in pro sports. Cleveland is the 2nd largest musical theater district in the country after NYC, and it has one of the finest orchestras in the world. The museum of art is world class, and It's the no. 2 city in the country for medicine and medical research after Rochester, MN. The city's new convention center is state-of-the-art and situated close to Browns stadium. Transportation is good, the streets are wider than the east coast big cities which helps with bus travel, and there is plenty for people to do while also attending drum corps. DCI fans would absolutely love the FLATS, including all the restaurants, clubs, and even a Margaritaville (the only one in Ohio) which is situated in the Flats near the lake. Now having said that, I don't know that I would want Finals in Browns stadium. It's a great stadium for football, but for corps, I'm not sure. But the city itself would surprisingly be better than many would think. The stereotype about Cleveland is just that...a bad stereotype based on issues that happened decades and decades ago. It's the same stereotype that Chicago people have to listen to when the news media beats-up the city over all the killings that seem to happen in one area. For most people, downtown Chicago is awesome, as are the suburbs. Frankly, Cleveland would be better than smaller cities like Buffalo, where housing and hotels can be an issue, and the mega-size cities present their own issues. I think Cleveland would be way better than St. Louis as well. Madison is a unique city. Not overly big, but they love drum corps up there and you do have a big university with a great stadium for Finals. I think Minneapolis would be good. Also, even though we no longer see corps from Canada competing in the states, DCI is international and going to Toronto or Montreal again would be cool.
  7. Fred did amazing work for DCI, the Bluecoats, and Troopers. He graduated from the same high school I did and was a member of the Warren Jr. Military Band when he was young (as was I, but I was about 10 years or so behind him). Fred did amazing work for Bluecoats as a BOD member and he helped in fund raising, including running the souvie operation on the road for entire summers. He was one of the guys DCI would call when a corps got into trouble. He was instrumental in making sure Capital Regiment got down the road and back home when their management failed the kids and ran out of money mid season. DCI called Fred to make things right. This was also the case for Troopers during their probation year. Unlike me trying to manage my check book, Fred actually knows what he is doing with finances and his influence on the activity is important. Way to go, Fred!!!!
  8. There are many stories about drum corps not paying their staff on time, or just not being able to pay them period. I know of very credible stories which I cannot share, but let's just say that some excellent instructors and designers have not taken salaries for several years to help some corps. In a few cases I know these instructors have been paid back in full and then some. Let's face it, some drum corps are fortunate to come up with JUST enough money to tour. Some barely make it to the finish line, and on numerous occasions we've seen corps make it to the middle of the season and not know how they are getting to the end. I recall just a few years ago many of us donating to keep a certain corps on the road. It would be nice if every corps could have what Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard have.
  9. I think it would be neat if they did a Blues Brothers show. There is a lot of great music and artists they can feature, not to mention costuming. An Elvis show would also be a blast! On the other hand, I can see them going back to a concept show like Tilt.
  10. Hey, I'm a fan - even though we disagree on some things. I will admit you have me listening and watching the 2012 Devils to re-assess my views on the show.
  11. You act as if you know everything about the actions YEA did or did not take. In a court of law a judge would dismiss everything you're crying about. At this time we don't have all the facts. We have heard one side of the story. What we know is a volunteer is looking to be compensated for an injury that required medical treatment along with travel expenses (I assume). I hope he is OK and recovering, and it's tragic that this happened to him. Accidents do happen on the road. You're acting like the entire YEA org is a complete failure. Frankly, most of them just started on the job and have had very little time to develop the programs, policies, and fund raising. You have to stop pointing the finger at everyone in YEA. You don't have the slightest clue what actions they have taken since this accident. It's clear to me you lack experience with the Law and how these things are handled. Until you have total facts from both parties, stop trying to paint an incomplete picture.
  12. Very true. I sometimes wonder about some of the things we have volunteers, staff, and members do in this activity. Not just Cadets, but any corps. Why are we using volunteers to climb up on trucks to paint them? That's a dangerous activity. This guy was really hurt bad. There are professionals who do these things, and the money you pay them sure beats being sued for $400k+ or more. People have been saying for years that some of these props could be the end of the activity. Again, I think props used wisely are great, but I've seen some that I question. Also, I'm waiting to hear more, as facts come out, about whether the corps left this guy at the hospital with no way home, or did they feel his family was handling things at that point? None of this looks good but hopefully this is another lesson to the entire activity about the dangers inherent in this activity. Sure hope the Cadets have insurance for all this.
  13. You're absolutely right. I would not read too much into some of the comments here. I think some folks are getting off base. I don't think anyone here is saying BD didn't win. BD won, fair and square. Bluecoats were really close. Both were super successful shows. Although there is only one winner in each division, most people do not leave a drum corps shows thinking about losers. Typically after Finals, or any show, I think about how successful all the corps were, especially those that made top 12. But many of the corps in the 13 - 30+ range have had amazing summers. DCI is more of a positive activity for youth to perform. We are not putting 2 corps on the field at the same time and having them beat the snot out of each other like in football. There is some subjectivity to the scoring system, so there will always be debate over who won, who should have won, who you liked best. It's all good and fair, but I wouldn't take it to mean anything more than it does -- we all have favorites. From a purely competitive standpoint, I think DCI got it right. From an entertainment perspective, the fans won because there were many great shows this year.
  14. Wow, that is just awesome drum corps! Blooo!!!!!
  15. I was the same. Four Corners and Frameworks are just not very interesting to me musically. Nice visual programs, but the music did nothing for me.
  16. Boston has a big anniversary. I could see a reboot of some older material. But mostly I think their show will continue to be progressive in nature.
  17. Still love watching the sheer speed and demand of this visual package. Talk about cardio...and that mello section. Just crazy the demand in this visual and music program. (1993 Cadets, In The Spring at the Time When Kings Go Off to War)
  18. Some hated the narration (me), and some could put up with the narration (not me), BUT...this may well be one of the cleanest, most demanding, visual displays ever put on the field. I still had it no. 1, but the narration still makes me bite my tongue.
  19. Great stuff. Kind of reminds me of Born on the 4th of July by John Williams (the slow section). The closing of this is killer.
  20. I think both Bloo and BD were really REALLY good at performing and competing. Hence the .087 spread. From my perspective, BD was able to hang closer in GE than Bloo was able to in Visual. That was really the difference. The notion that BD is better at competing typically comes from the fact that they know how to CLEAN the heck out of a field show -- which is something everyone should be trying to do. Some people will say BD knows how to program a winner. I don't look at it that way. I think BD is good at competitive balance in programming, but I think they are more concerned with artistic value and quality programming. If you look at their shows from 2007 to now, every one of them is a work of art. Sure, some of them did not connect, but most did to some extent. In recent years they have been one of the more fan friendly corps. So they are obviously programming entertaining shows that also have competitive balance. Bloo and BD are both just incredible at programming, performing, and entertaining...each in their own unique way.
  21. I really like your take on things. Just wanted to comment on a few of these years. 1990 - Cadets were definitely the cleaner corps, but you can definitely make a case that Star could have won. Star of Indiana could have won from 1990 - 1993. It didn't happen, but there is an argument to be made. 1993 - I definitely think the rain hurt some performances. Star and Cadets did not have clean Finals runs. Monster shows by both. The Cadets visual program in 93 was really the height of what I call the whiplash or "run & gun" era. And Star was the future in so many ways. But if that Finals show was judged by today's sheets I do believe Phantom Regiment would have won. Much cleaner finals run and still tons of GE. In the end, the two best corps of that summer were Cadets and Star, and while Cadets got the nod, Star definitely changed the activity much the way Garfield did in 1982/83. 2007 I still give to Cadets, but you're right...the narration was cringe worthy and totally ruined that show for many fans. What a shame. What a corps! 2012 I have to admit I have not been a big fan of Blue Devils 2012, but with a lot of people I respect on here talking about that show more and more, I am beginning to explore it once again. I know other BD fans loves it, too. I decided to watch it in full the other day. I definitely dig it much more now. I had forgotten how harmonically beautiful the 2nd tune was (after the opening hits). They are constantly moving, too, and the overall visual program is way beyond what Crown did that year. I agree, too, that Crown's color choices were not to their advantage. Definitely going to watch more 2012 BD to get a better feel for the show. But I really love Crown's music from that year. 2018 - I could see this. SCV was awesome. I wasn't as fond of the first 3 or 4 minutes, but the rest of this show was unreal. What an ending! It is one of my top 10 endings of all time. Performance wise they were a beast.
  22. Also a very important show when considering the development of design and programming for that time. The way the music was arranged was a real leap in DCI and field scoring in general. A killer show.