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  1. Definitely! also I would like a dowoop Show or Jersey Boys...etc.
  2. Would love to see Bluecoats do an all jazz show. How about a show that explores the different styles of jazz. Something from New Orleans, Chicago, St Louis, NYC, something from over seas..etc.
  3. Well it’s tricky I believe it’s the use of violins that cause the violence 😉
  4. Well if the crowd and judges keep disagreeing you are absolutely correct something we need to be changed
  5. I hear what you saying but without fans support ($$) they don’t even get the opportunity. A brief moment to allow the age outs to thank the fans is hardly a crime .
  6. Crown should beat vanguard on this night. Crown marched a lot more and believe it or a lot of SCV marching/forms are sloppy. From the movie seat here
  7. All right Madison it’s DCI championship week Thursday. blow the roof off this joint and have an awesome show !!
  8. Here’s an old one nothing outrageously cool just pretty shockingly loud. there is a guy who screams right before and I mean right before the Garfield cadets start their show in 1986 finals it is so #### loud Lol
  9. I’ll say this kind of going off topic but I try to keep an open mind about things and I’m listening to what they’re doing with this micing stuff mainly shotgun mics and covering entire ensemble I honestly don’t think the powers at be have a good set of ears. it sounds horrible through the speakers and I mean horrible if you really listen. it’s got to go away !!
  10. Problem is this....the folks on the inside (creators , staff etc.) think and believe this. They are in fantasyland (with everything props, money, costumes..etc) and have a zero outside looking in view of the activity.
  11. My favorite semi finals jump ever when spirit jumped blue knights and Glassmen to land themselves in to the Saturday night show 😃
  12. If memory serves bluecoats won GE only and of course won the championships in 2016 crown won brass visual and colorguard SCV won perc I remember being disappointed because BD didn’t win any captions and still placed a head of crown. was hoping crown would finish second that night
  13. Hey all how’s it going I realize things can change at any time regarding policies but can anyone tell me if they allow fans to leave lucas oil stadium and come back into the stadium an hour or two later?
  14. Hi I sit in 140 as well row 16 this year Let’s have a DCP party 😎🍾 🍺🥃
  15. That’s because the JBC crowd is the best most knowledgeable drum corps crowd anywhere
  16. Watched Madison last night and everybody else via flo on the Internet and let me tell you Madison killed it!! Took many more corps performances before the crowd responded like they did to Madison . Can’t wait to see them next week in Indy
  17. Watched the high Cam in flo and SCVs marching especially intervals are not good so if they are down in visual I am not shocked
  18. Hey how’s it going just jumped on now stream is not working for me or others having big issues?
  19. With their 2019 show Madison is going to rock the house and some in Allentown tonight!!