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  1. Unfortunately because Downingtown is now gone, the White Sabers will not get another score until the 29th of July. I have been in there for the past weekends and can tell you that when they come back into the mix, they may have some unexpected surprises! Trust that they are working very hard on a demanding, entertaining show! DA
  2. By golly, I think you may have just hit the nail on the head! DA
  3. That is not true. Up until two years ago when they decided not to either video tape/and or broadcast, the mini corps were liable to secure mechanical/streaming rights as well. The last two years have been no sync rights. needed. DA
  4. problem. I am not apologizing, or do you need to either. I simply forgot why the reason we didn't get to play was the Marines. I conceded that. I also forgot that the show was delayed by hours the year before. I didn't call you a troll because of that. It seemed as if you were trying to bait me and your profile really isn't very forthcoming about your true identity. Everyone knows who I am and I am as transparent as I can be. You are just not. I felt like I was back on RAMD for a minute. No issues or agenda that I am trying to hide. You? DA
  5. Why? Now that Mchromik brought it up, I do remember there was a situation that involved having the Marine Corps at the finals. I was at the finals with another group that won the DCA Class A title that year, so I didn't think about it then. I also won the trumpet individuals that year. I have nothing to be ashamed of at all. As he said, it is the real only incentive that looks like a prize. We didn't get the prize though. Most of our guys had to buy tickets to the show, except for the staff of White Sabers. I am good here. Don't try to bait me, troll. I have been around a while. I have N
  6. Good try but I still call shenanigans, because Star did their encore the year before in the same venue at the same time of night. It isn't Star United's fault they are that good. I have never had any problem coming second to them. Third by 5 points may be a different feeling though. We may be back, but I doubt that will occur in Rochester though.
  7. Again, DCA does not care to do anything with this. I have been through this for years. I am still wondering had Star won in 2013, would they have done the exhibition that we did not get to do. We were doing this before Soundsport and WGI winds (conceptually) and I remember Dan Acheson coming to DCA to observe the mini corps show. The next year DCI was offering Soundsport as an alternative. It is what it is. Not as much fun as it used to be for me. DA
  8. The winning corps gets to perform at finals? All except in 2013 when the Ghost Riders won. Thus, more that adds to the frustration of why work so hard. DA
  9. I actually rearranged the iconic Jim Ott arrangement to fit the talent at St Joes, I have never heard of a band named Taxi. DA
  10. Hard to believe I am going to say this, but here goes. Want to see more mini corps? Make it an exhibition and take the judging out of it. It takes too much hard work to compete for second, and even though I can say that I programmed and performed in the only show that ever beat Star United, it is so much work to get a group that good, that it becomes almost unhealthy. I came over to the venue after finally going to the WDHOF banquet. I have missed the banquet every year except the year it was on Friday because of a parade downtown cause I and E to moved to Saturday. Many people were asking o
  11. there are Italian restaurants within walking distance of the stadium, but because of the neighborhood, they close early. Roncone's on Lyell Ave right across Lyell from the stadium and Rocky's right on the corner of Jay Street and Oak, right at the stadium back entrance are both excellent if they are open. Both have great sauce and serve Tripe, and all Italian pasta dishes. Also, a short ride up Jay Street to the west, you will find a very decent place that specializes in Italian fare called Antonetta's. Celebrities visit this joint when in town. It is around the 1200 block of Jay Street. It
  12. Ok I will go there. I am speaking for myself and not Doug, who is the director. To begin, it isn't about placement, but maybe about respect. We are tired of doing what we had to do to compete at the level we were at. It was very difficult and hopefully some things will be cleared up. It became not as much fun to compete at that level because of many of the reasons below. Some facts to answer some of the early questions in this thread. 1.) Ghost Riders were born from the St. Joe's Alumni members in the mid 90's to compete as a mini corps by Doug Mellenthine and Rod and Larry Keppel. They pla
  13. It is only entertainment for DCA. I have been told this many times. The corps that took it seriously are mostly gone. Ghost Riders are only the latest on the hiatus list. Mass Brass, Erie, MCL, Golden Eagles, Lambertville, Skyliners et al...have just decided not to do this anymore. We took it more seriously than most realized. It just became too much work and not enough fun! We were doing it wrong. Ghost Riders are still performing in concert and parade activities. Contact Doug if you would like to have GR at your function. DA
  14. Torn between going to Peckville for White Sabers or Kitchener Ontario to tend to another corps I do business with, I went to Canada. DCA Alumni fans are in for a treat on Sunday AM, if they can shake off the Saturday night festivities! There were 3 alumni corps in the Scout House Tattoo that are worth seeing. Obviously the host Scout House did their thing and feature the historical pieces such as Waltzing Matilda and Bridge over the River Kwai march theme, but also have some new material penned by Dave MacKinnon from the Bluecoats and Gord Cupskey. A bit smaller than some of the recent editi