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  1. It was Last Movement to Dance Movements by Philip Sparke (Molto Ritmico) start at 5:44
  2. I was watching Opens just a bit ago and a weather delay came along. Checked the radar and it did not look good. When I came back to the feed it was gone. They may have possibly cancelled open class prelims today on account of mother nature. I wonder what will happen tomorrow as the forecast is the same.
  3. Turns I can't go tonight. I have a ticket for sale. PM me if you want it, it's in section CC Row 7 seat 31. $28. You will have to meet me somewhere near Dallas, Mesquite or Desoto to get it.
  4. SCV just announced show.
  5. No, I contacted the host from Southlake the past 6 years and they say they were unable to sponsor this year. Sorry, no Texas Drum Corps Preview at the Capitol or Showcase in the Square in Southlake this year. But, if you are in the DFW area you can go see them June 18 at Forney HS.
  6. So, who is covering MIP on Tuesday? Please post or PM me a link. Thanks.
  7. Does anyone happen to know where Mandarins and Blue Knights will be rehearsing on 7/20 and 7/21?
  8. Where are Cadets selling these San Antonio tickets? I do not see them on their website.
  9. Anyone know how long before we can purchase San Antonio tickets? I know I can purchase through a few corps already but, it seems as though the general public cannot yet. I was told in February that they had not signed the contract. I assume it is the construction that is going on in the north outer esplanade, but I wonder how much longer they will wait.
  10. I've seen now that DCI has their DVD and audio products back on for sale. Does anyone know if they'll be producing the 2015 Blu-rays and DVDs as well as audio CDs? Just curious because I haven't seen anything about it yet.
  11. I've been able to watch on my PC while using the app on my iPhone simultaneously. I have not tried air playing from my iPhone through Apple TV. I don't see why that would not work. Yes, you can switch back and forth from high cam to multi.
  12. Has anyone noticed the last reference to The Power of 10 in the show? Right after the drumline plays three quick paradiddlediddles, there are exactly 10 double stops to end the show.
  13. This is not official but, I figured it off of SCV and BD's hourly schedule from their website. It will probably be pretty close. Gate Perf. 1 National Anthem 7:00 2 Guardians 6:52 7:07 3 Genesis 7:09 7:24 4 Mandarins 7:26 7:41 5 Troopers 7:43 7:58 6 Colts 8:00 8:15 7 INT 8:15-8:42 8 Crossmen 8:27 8:42 9 Blue Stars 8:44 8:59 10 BK 9:01 9:16 11 SCV 9:18 9:33 12 BD 9:35 9:50