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  1. Yes - exactly. Tom and the Raiders are and have always been a class act organization. Teal board members take note.
  2. I hope DCI looks to more corporate sponsorship to fund scholarships and bursaries for all DCI corps. Not few, but many scholarships and bursaries. The cost of college/university isn't getting cheaper - neither are corps tuition fees. We have student financial aid for college students, why would we not have a similar approach to supporting students/performers in drum corps.
  3. Now this letter just doesn't sit well with me. At fault isn't the members for not paying, but rather the organization and management for not running a well-oiled machine and having contracts in place and fee deadlines (that you stick too!). Scholarship and sponsorship programs should be developed to help those in need. Take some responsibility Teal Board of Directors/Corps Director. This letter, while heart felt, is not the letter an Executive Director would send out to an organization. It lacks professionalism, responsibility and accountability. I would encourage Teal's Director to spend som
  4. Transparency and accountability with regards to the past few weeks is what will save Teal. If the organization isn't transparent about their issues and plans for resolution, they won't be around next year. Simple as that.
  5. Thanks. This is probably the most accurate post on here. This sums it all up. If you read the news section of Teals' site, there is an article about the new Corps Director. The article and corps director reference the corps fiscal challenges and increased focus on reaching stability. As much as drum corps is a non-profit youth activity and sport/art form, it must be managed like a complex business operation with the experience, credentials and strategic direction to move the organization forward. This is not an easy thing to accomplish. In organizations such as drum corps, continuity in manag
  6. Congrats Spirit of Atlanta! Nipping at Blue Stars as well!
  7. Boo indicates in his Blog that Vanguard Cadets are rounding out the Top 25. Not true... Cascades just snuck in. Right?
  8. Boo - Are you reading this? In your blog, you are indicating the corps rounding out the top 25 - but Cascades score has yet to be announced. Better wait..right?
  9. I wonder how long until DCI posts the scores...15 minutes now since BDB was crowned...
  10. Yes Cadets!! Phantom is on the rise. They are executing very well and beginning to really perform the snot out of it...reminds me of 2008 in a way. Wouldn't be surprised if they pass Crown.
  11. Yes, Some wonky scores. After seeing these corps in Allentown, I figured if any corps was going to close the gap on SOA it would be the Glassmen, but I didn't think they would pass them. Waiting for the recap. A very small venue can play havoc with scores too - in both good and bad ways.
  12. Ya I noticed that as well. In the last few years, Colts have ended the season around 85. This season, my prediction is just over 80. I'm not sure if it is a design thing, a younger corps, a combination of both or that the competition is just that much better this year.
  13. Fair enough, I'm just making this assumption based on the 2 times I have seen the Colts and all of their fan network videos. Most of the holes seem to be in the first half of the show. Likely started closing the last half of the drill when they were learning it back in June once they realized they may not fill the spots.
  14. Kevin - it you get a chance to talk to Chris again, I'm curious if they are going to close the brass holes. I counted 2-3 in Allentown and it really impacted GE least for me. There were a couple other corps in A-Town that had a few brass holes (and have since June) - its a shame really. If you can't fill 'em, close 'em up!