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  1. Thanks, guys! Great job. Almost felt like I was there. *internal visuals* Christina
  2. "Triumph of Time" by Peter Graham Don't know if this has been brought up but wow. For Crossmen or Bue Devils for the jazzy feel. This is the full version of the piece (18:14 minutes) Performed here from a brass band championship in Belgium. (with trombones!) Love that the video is by Evil Penguin Productions. And here is Black Dyke Band with the world premier of the piece. Just a taste Looks like more percussion. And it's only the last part (3:39 minutes).
  3. Adding up the other scores from last night and tonight (hey, basically same judges) - Bluecoats Crown Blue Devils Cadets Vanguard<<<<< again? OK - it's going to be a fast (long?) season!
  4. Thank you! (And not just ANY Vanguard section... lovin' the plates!
  5. How did Golden Empire do? And SCVC? (I've seen BDC, B, A and thought they were fab.)
  6. Yep - with judges there from last night, it should be fair - comparable - scores. Here is a rep reminder Blue Devils C - B.D.P.D • Dragnet Theme - by Walter Schumann • Hawaii Five-O Theme - by Morton Stevens • Skyfall - by Adele and Paul Epworth • Smooth Criminal - by Michael Jackson • The A-Team Theme - by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter Golden Empire - Music Matters Paradisi Gloria (from Stabat Mater) Retribution NO one To kNOW one Original Vanguard Cadets - The One • Pines of the Appian Way - by Ottorino Respighi • Due Tramonti - by Ludovico Einaudi • Iza Ngos
  7. Yeah - we tried four times to get Myron into the HoF. He was so humble and just so grateful for the outpouring of support each time. That's what makes it so poignant that it came too late for him to appreciate this moment. Good call on these. I would add Bobby Hoffman for the 70s and Steve Brubaker to the 80s. Hmmm...current ones? I'm a fan of Peter Weber (SCV), Sylvester/Sacktig (Cadets), Ron Hardin (Crown), and Sly Sybilski (Blue Knights) work.
  8. A wonderful class will be inducted this year into the DCI Hall of Fame! Myron Rosander - Visual Designer, Santa Clara Vanguard Denise Bonfiglio - Color Guard Instructor, Staff Coordinator Frank Dorritie - Brass Instructor and Arranger, Audio Producer Dan Farrell - Program Coordinator, Phantom Regiment I am rather partial to Myron's inclusion: saddened that it will happen posthumously, but grateful that his name will be remembered in the activity. As Ron Hardin said: "Myron, as a man, was one of the most humble, altruistic people I knew." Many people who wrote letters in support of his nom
  9. Those in attendance: Be sure to check out BK's 'wispy' s-rifles toward the end. Great visual effect.
  10. Thanks for the review! Just to add - mind blown when BDB started playing "I am the Doctor" from Doctor Who. So fits the concept (Prismatic) and Murray Gold's music work for corps charts. Also, congrats to Nick, the guest snare drummer, who fulfilled his dream of being part of the BD line that day. Finally - lush is an understatement for "Children Will Listen." I can see this being the ballad of the season. With their K-Pop number being an audience participation number as the guard pulls fresh pop/hip hop dance moves. to figure out K-Pop
  11. A couple of comments: First, congratulations Madison! Wonderfully entertaining moment with spine tingling sounds. Next, welcome back cymbals! You are definitely back where you belong. I counted 8 - were there more? Finally, did I spot a bass drum stick flying in the air at the end of the concert piece? Quite the unexpected but joyful surprise. What a great way to spend Thanksgiving. Cheers! Mav
  12. Just some highlights off the top of my head: All the corps shows looked completed - although all shows looked like more could be added. Santa Clara Big Band sponsored by SCV played some cool jazz in their premier performance. Most were alums including the set drummer who marched Cadets. The wind was brutal for most of the guard - but only a few drops. Blue Devils B - wow. Very impressed with this high energy show. Their show now has street lamps which move around the field. I wonder if they will add illumination like BDA has in their spotlight props. Vanguard Cadets have one of the most be