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  1. Wow, so sad. This show should work but really doesn't. It checks all the boxes of a modern show yet somehow it doesn't come together at all. Time to work on 2019 and what I hope is a return to greatness.
  2. Well knock on wood... I have been pretty happy with my Flo subscription. This is certainly the best option we have ever had to watch live shows. Is it perfect? No. But it is pretty darn good and I feel I got my monies worth.
  3. Bump! Really? Nothing after Saturday in San Antonio and Monday in Mesquite?
  4. So I have a FloMarching subscription and have been watching a lot of the shows. But... I think I will skip this show. I can't sit and take up mist of my day again in front of a TV. I may start watching again in Allen town when it is two shorter nights. This is the first time since I used to go on tour that I have seen so many shows. I'm getting a little burned out. Is anyone else?
  5. Phantom 2008 was a very special show full of drama, emotion and an iconic ending. One could argue it is the best "story show" we have ever seen. The finals week climb was propelled by these factors. I don't see it happening this year.
  6. Are the Colts one of the few remaining corps using a more traditional uniform?
  7. I've been super pleased. This is my first year and i'm using it on Roku.
  8. Is there a fill panel of judges tonight? I'm watching on Flo!
  9. I remember seeing Music City in 2012 and thinking what a great open class corps. Now they have moved up and I couldn't be more pleased. Saw the show on FloMarching Sunday and I was totally entertained. How many are thy marching? Maybe they looked a little small because the they are younger than some of the more established corps.