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  1. Hey Strangers! Just came in to see what's going on. Gearing up for a 21-day Caribbean cruise in February and can't wait.

    Can't wait for DCI MN again this summer, as it will probably be the only show I'll have the chance to go to!

  2. Since there usually isn't much discussion from any corps, it was great to see and hear what is going on from The Cavaliers. Mr. Lugo is keeping the Donors, and Alumni well connected with the young men who are looking at marching with the Cavaliers. It will be a long time before we know how everyone is against each other since the first real match up isn't until Jul 20th and 21st.
  3. It would be interesting to see how much the Theater events cost DCI. Sure, we would all love to see DCI everyday, however, what about in BOA in November, then in April, show WGI. I'm sure both of these events wouldn't bring the crowds that DCI would bring, but may be able to keep some sort of 'fix' for those of us wanting something. We are able to see bands in Parades for Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, as well as Rose Bowl Parade, what about other events like Cherry Blossom Parade, or St. Patrick's Day? (yeah, one could hope) Wonder how much 'new' audience DCI will gain with The Rocks Docu-series coming next year Before social media really took off, I know Dan Potter was doing his podcasts, but not sure if he still does them as I haven't subscribed to podcasts the last few years. as for the Kaleidoscopic type drills, it would be great to see them come back and move away from the theatrics we have come to know of DCI/BOA. As others have stated, some corps have been able to emulate those great designs of Michael Gaines, Zingali, or Brubaker, but no one has ever come close to them as we remember.
  4. Matt, great review of the many stadiums around the country. I realize it's not all-inclusive yet, and it's a great work in progress. As a few others have suggested, the DCI Minnesota show at TCF Stadium is a great venue (despite it's opening debut with the severe weather) Also surprised that Broken Arrow's stadium hasn't been listed/reviewed yet as that is a great mid-western drum corps show! Even though there hasn't been a DCI Show at this stadium in a long time, would be good to read something on 1991s DCI World Champion show site at the Cotton Bowl. A few other places for food for blogs: Rice University Citrus Bowl Murfreesboro, TN Veterans Memorial Stadium; Jackson, MS and a slew of others! Definitely look forward to seeing more reviews in the coming years!!!
  5. Glad you liked it. Not too bad for only getting a horn and music on Wednesday and playing on Saturday after a 20yr absence! LOL (although, I just didn't like the arrangement of Star-Spangled Banner. I agree with most to just keep it simple....)
  6. John, how'd you go about adding the module? Another forum where I'm an Admin just switched from Fusion software to IPB, and I spent the past few days trying to figure out how these modules work. (hard when I've been gone from IPB for so long) I know this forum isn't monitored as often, but any incite would be great!
  7. So many people on DCP in MN, this would have been a great venue for a Meet-Up. Unfortunately for me, I won't be there! I would have worn my DCP shirt to be recognized!!!
  8. I'm so bummed I can't be there for this show this year. Had a blast last year (despite the downpour) and was looking forwardto this year, but work got in the way. Spent Tuesday out in Chanhassen watching The Cadets rehearse, I really liked what they were doing. Would have been fun to see the other corps rehearse today, but since I work out of Miami, I had to leave this morning. I do wish for great weather and best of luck to ALL participating corps!
  9. ok, I'm totally upset about this. (Thanks corpsband for the info. I think with a big show like tonight with many of the top corps together, they should have had a BIGGER announcement prior to tonight (IMO) explaining to those that aren't in the know. I'm also highly disappointed that DCI has decided NOT to keep up with their iPhone APP. Wasn't until a couple weeks ago I find out I have to go to their mobile site, and now they want a fan favorite vote? Guess I'm just too old fashion. Maybe we should just call the old 800 # or wait for Drum Corps World to be published 3weeks after a show like the good old days. Oh well, guess I'll just go back to flying.
  10. Hey Everybody! Hope you are doing well. Now that we are in the new month of the new year, a close and dear friend of mine (who also happens to be my Sponsor back in '91-'92) has put together a collection of photos into a fantastic 2011 calendar featuring The Cavaliers. He is excited to offer all Drum Corps fan's (especially those fans of The Cavaliers) something that will help them keep up with The Cavaliers during 2011. He produced a wall calendar that he is selling to help raise funds for membership dues. This calendar will include tour dates and feature over 60 of his photos he has taken over the years. The cost is $20 with $3 for S&H. He only made 100, so the first ones to email him at to place an order will have it in time for the rest of the year, most importantly, in time for The Cavaliers (and DCI) Tour to start! He has sold a few already, but truly would like to get these calendars out to as many people he can. Remember, he is selling these calendars to help raise funds for a few members he is Sponsoring this year, and your help would greatly be appreciated!!! Thank you! Gordon 'Sluggo'
  11. This is so FREAK'n cool!!!! Wow, great improvement. Now I can be more connected with all you guys! Yay! (btw, I'm posting this somewhere over Kentucky at 30,00ft on my way to Dallas!) gotta love inflight wifi! Dang-it, gotta answer this Ol lady's call-light!
  12. I think this year I'm actually going to purchase a DVD. Usually I just get the Cavaliers DVD, but this year truly has been an awesome year for ALL corps!!!
  13. I hope they at least give us an indication on the livecast the possible status of the poor Crown member. My heart is with him/her.