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  1. Jeff, You have 3 Santa Claras listed. You can only pick one! I like the JD pick though. Shawn
  2. Each year after the first few shows, once I've had a chance to see everybody, I "take inventory" so to speak and gauge how good a year it seems to be. I do a little comparison of each corps' current show to the previous year's show - better, worse, or about the same (hey, I'm an optometrist, so it's in my nature ). The quality and engagement level of show design of course fluctuates in this activity as in any creative endeavor. If most corps are better or at least as good as the prior year, it's a good year. I've often thought , particularly doing this comparison, "Wouldn't it be awesome if every corps knocked it out of the park with their show design and had their best show ever - all in the same year?" Of course, this would never happen and it would make the next year a pretty big letdown most likely. But it's fun to think about. Or, what if you could bring back any show from the past and see it live? What would your "Ultimate Finals" look like? There have been lots of discussion and polls over the years about the best or favorite shows, but I don't recall seeing one quite like this. Here are the criteria: pick twelve different corps (not different shows/years from the same corps) and the show from each that would be in your personal Ultimate Finals competition, as well as the performance order and venue. This doesn't necessarily have to be what you think are the "best" or highest scoring shows, but the ones that would make for the most enjoyable evening for you personally. And I'm not looking for scores or how you think the competition would shake out - just what would leave you the most entertained by the performances on their own merits. You can choose any Finalist show from any year in the DCI era. Here's my Ultimate Finals: Venue: Camp Randall Stadium - Madison, WI (packed to the gills) Weather: Clear skies, 79 degrees, calm wind, 35% humidity Before the Show - Future Corps outside the stadium 7:00pm - National Anthem - Al Chez 7:06pm - 2000 U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps (Exhibition) 7:30pm - 1992 Crossmen 7:47pm - 1980 Spirit of Atlanta 8:04pm - 1980 Bridgemen 8:21pm - 2004 Cavaliers 8:38pm - 1993 Star of Indiana 8:55pm - 1995 Madison Scouts 9:12pm - Intermission - DrumLine Battle: The Old Guard vs. Hellcats 9:35pm - 2016 Bluecoats 9:52pm - 1987 Garfield Cadets 10:09pm - 2013 Carolina Crown 10:26pm - 2017 Blue Devils 10:43pm - 2008 Phantom Regiment 11:00pm - 2018 Santa Clara Vanguard 11:25pm - 1994 27th Lancers Alumni Corps (Exhibition) 11:47pm - Ambulance to nearest ER, possibly coroner
  3. I will ALWAYS take physical media over streaming options. Streaming can be taken away easily - what are your options for watching 1984 Suncoast Sound right now? But nobody is ever coming to my home to confiscate my DVD/Blu-ray library. Video and audio quality are better (less compressed) on physical media in general also. The sound quality of the 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio alone is worth the cost of the Blu-ray, and you can't get that any other way right now. Streaming can be more costly over time, whereas a disc is a one-time purchase for unlimited viewing forever. I'll pay pretty much whatever they want to charge for the blu-ray - keep 'em coming! Shawn
  4. Well, as many folks remember, Oakland Crusaders won drums in Prelims in 1977 but the corps did not make Finals. BD won drums in Finals that year. Probably the right call on '82 Bridgemen. It would have to be in the tick system. Lowest placement in the "modern" (non-tick) era for a caption winner I think is 2010 Phantom Regiment (won the Sanford but finished 6th).
  5. There are no APDs (Audio Performance Downloads) any longer (haven't been since Tresona got into the mix). Live streams of select shows are all that there are currently until edited audio and heavily edited video products appear around the holidays.
  6. I have a single Semifinals ticket for sale - Sec. 140, Row 19, Seat 7. This is on the 47 yard line - ideal seat for sound. Asking face value ($89). PM if interested. Shawn
  7. Anyone going to the show tonight, please be aware of MAJOR road construction on Middle Tennessee Blvd. on the west (concert) side of the stadium. Many connecting roads are blocked off and it's two lane traffic instead of the normal four. Better to come in from the north or east sides. Some of the parking lots around the School of Music are inaccessible.