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  1. I pay monthly, and I had intended to just keep going in a small effort to help keep them going. I saw today that they increased the price! Not a huge amount, but come on. I will be canceling.
  2. I cannot believe what they did this year. I saw it in Detroit. I was concerned. I saw it a number of times this season and was impressed. I saw it three times this week and was astonished. Tonight, it gave me chills and was one of my favorites. Many congratulations to everyone on the team! You should all be very proud!
  3. I won't speak to the drum judging, but I will disagree about the BD show. It has grown to be my favorite this season. It's so clever, and I find something new in it every time. I called this win back in June when they were still behind SCV and sometimes 4th overall (not head to head). Not to take away from Coats' masterpiece. A tie would have been optimal for me.
  4. I learned many lessons there, and one of the most important was that winning and losing is a mindset. It's nice when they recognize you, but that's not what this is about. I would love to see the home team in the medals again, but I'm not stressing about 9th. Now, if I hear they're not eating or getting medical attention or have unsafe buses, that's a different story. I'm not hearing that, so I'm ok with the important stuff. I trust the team to deal with the other stuff mostly because I have no choice or say in the matter.
  5. I have to say I really enjoyed the show. It seemed, at least from the outside, that everyone involved from the students to the staff to the admin to the volunteers did their level best. One of the best lessons I learned there many years ago was that sometimes you work absolutely as hard as you can, but it still might not be enough. So enjoy the small victories, and learn from what you can. Whatever anyone thought of the show, as a band director and designer myself, anyone who does that tries as hard as they can, and sometimes it doesn't work. I know the pedigrees of some of those folks, and I was in the corps with at least one. They are smart people who have strong creds. It's generally the case that teams need time to gel. This team needs time to gel in every area from the top down. This is a public forum, and people feel powerful expressing opinions. We're all human after all. But maybe a dash of understanding is in order. At the beginning and for a few weeks, I truly believed it to be possible to actually move up from 7 to 6. Then San Antonio happened. It's ok and normal to be disappointed. But there are indeed many cool moments in the show and lots to remember and enjoy. Tonight, they had the best run I had seen this season. They got a true standing ovation. Other alumni around me both young and old we're proud. And at retreat, they behaved like the Cadets of always. The sky isn't falling. We've been here before. Were alumni in the 70's kvetching? Maybe. How about SCV in the 90's for a bit? Or Cavs? Or Phantom and Madison now? Sometimes your competition is just better. There are lessons for all, and mostly they don't involve scores. (An about Phantom tonight!? I had chills! So much improvement!) Now, time to go back to work! FHNSAB
  6. My order based on how much I liked it and nothing else. 1. BD 2. Crown 3. Coats 4. BK 5. Phantom 6. Boston 7. Cadets 8. Crossmen 9. Cavs 10. Stars 11. SCV Marine Corps rocked. I predict BD wins and 5 different captions. I wish for a Blue tie. What a season!
  7. Lol. However, I was delighted in 2000 and 1999. I missed 96 due to a new gig and a band camp schedule I couldn't change. Anyway, I loved seeing the double encorsi.
  8. BD's show is probably my favorite if the year. And that run was amazing. I can't wait to see it about an hour.
  9. From my amazing seat on the 15 yard line (😒), that was stunning.