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  1. In semis, a declared Class A has beaten an Open Class corps every year since 2004. Although I do believe that often times those Open Class corps have been under the 65 person max for Class A, but have not declared. In Finals, it has not happened.
  2. The Govenaires Drum and Bugle Corps is currently welcoming applicants for the positions of Percussion Caption Head and Brass Caption Head. The right people for these positions will: collaborate as part of the team crafting the 2009 production, lead the membership through rehearsals and performances for the 2009 season (January-August), educate their section on the technical aspects of their caption, and help maintain the efficient, positive atmosphere that is the Govenaires. While the organization has welcomed it's recent competitive success, The Govie Philosophy values quality performance, a
  3. Way to go MBI!! Couldn't be happier for you guys!
  4. Please point us to this cornucopia of of sponsorships and huge discounts, endorsements, and trade ins. Seems like we missed that boat. And while there are good arguments from both possibilities in this, I'll take 10th in open every time.
  5. Why so pessimistic? We like to think half full. b**bs
  6. Sadly, from what I've heard, the new field will most likely not be ready. We'll have to wait until next year to hold the Expo there.
  7. Just to clarify - these pix are courtesy a few other great Govies, I was preoccupied at the time. Thanks Angie and Cari!!
  8. I think the rule is a poor way to judge a performing corps. If number alone must be used the number is too high. That being said, it is what it is for now, and all you can do is hope for more in the future. But... Regardless of the rule - don't let it be anything that would stop you from going to Finals. Plan on it. Put it on your schedule today. Don't say "We might." Say "We are." And if the chips stack up that you don't have enough people to perform a field show, then put together a Minicorps, 15 solos, 3 ensembles, and a Chorus and have the time of your life at I&E, then have a
  9. No, he's on trumprano. He's in the front of the line there tan jacket - you can't see his horn. We're pleased as pie to have him around. Yamaha Tubas - Super Sweet. Chrome Tubas - Better than nothing at all.
  10. Of course we'll forgive you for missing the victory concert, those lot concerts are something nobody want to miss. Now missing Class A Finals... that's another story. :wink:
  11. *cue the Stevie Nicks* Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies... ^0^ ^0^ b**bs b**bs :sshh: :sshh: :P
  12. This is awesome. Lust is one of the best tunes I think we've played. I can't wait to put it back on the field with new arrangers making it even better. Can't wait!