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    I have always enjoyed the small guys (what used to be Div II/III- open class these days!)
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    1999 Glassmen
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    Thanks to the fan network I can catch up on loads of favourites!!
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  1. Yes, that's a great programme, isn't it? Thank you for the Facebook recommendation! 🙂
  2. I brought my husband to a drum corps show once when we were in the US, visiting from Scotland. ( He'd never seen or heard anything like it as the only marching we get around here is pipe bands. He isn't a musician either (but loves music) So he watched with great interest and laughed at the end looking at me in disbelief, going 'You used to do this?' And I laughed and said, yes, but our bugles were in G. Over his head. I let him watch without telling him anything about the scoring. I did have to explain the evolution though with military history up to the present day evolution and the instrumentation, how it's all conceptual shows and storytelling, etc, etc. Once the corps were done and we were waiting for the scores, I told him about the judging in general terms (music, visual, how well they march, how 'cool' something looks, how well they play together, etc), so he at least understood what the scores meant at the end. I don't think he could have placed any of the corps in any order, but he enjoyed all the shows. Now he watches me in brass band competitions, where he has to sit most of the time, through the same piece of music played by 20 different bands and appreciates the variety in drum corps! (I wish our judging criteria was as transparent as DCI criteria!)
  3. The Colts actually have their virtual cooktruck website where they list everything they eat from Spring Training through the end of tour. Might give you some ideas 🙂
  4. Good luck! There's a lot of marchers around South Florida looking for something close to home, so that should do the trick and its nice to see a corps back in the Miami area.
  5. Bring it on Pioneer! Looking forward to 2011
  6. This is incredibly sad news. Rest in peace George Parks.
  7. I' Seeing that music makes me wanna cry Well done- my favourite solo of 2010! Congrats on a great season.
  8. Thanks for posting that- Sad to see so many that are gone- but also - so glad to see some are still kicking and getting better and better all the time- like the Raiders and the Colt Cadets. Good job to all the corps!!! Although I was far in bed by the time anything got posted, I'm glad to see a good competitive season. I hope I can catch everything on the fan network.
  9. So here I was logging into here and onto the DCI website, trying to find scores- because they usually post them straight away- and being in the UK and it's 10:30 pm, I would have thought it started by now... but then I realised, it's only just started Awww I remember when Div II/III quarters had to start early to get 'em all in -now Good luck to all the Open Class Corps! Rock your finals week!!! You'll always have a fan in me! :-)
  10. Why is that people always assume all kids want to march world class? Like someone said above, the two corps serve different needs. Revolution need not be a "feeder" corps for the X-men. It can be its own organization, with kids wanting to march with them and them alone and they were doing alright before the Crossmen came and I'm sure they'll do alright now. Revolution has been a class act on and off the field. So have the Crossmen. Different organizations, different experiences. I wish the best successto both corps in the near future!
  11. Oh you mean SCV is gonna win tonight (That would be awesome!) Good luck World Class Corps!
  12. Just goes to show that Finals is anyone's game! Congrats to all Open Class Corps.