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  1. MPutnam

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Hopefully weather cooperates with spring training!
  2. MPutnam

    NightBEAT - July 29, 2018

    And the fact that they keep adding more of voice as the season progresses!
  3. MPutnam

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Carolina Crown 2014 / Boston 2018 - Essentially the same narrative in different settings?
  4. MPutnam

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Originally the ribs and teeth were supposed to be assembled at the end of the show to spell "Beast", but Boston came out and spelled "Lost" with trees from their PVC forest, so kind of awkward now...
  5. MPutnam

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Could the "Beast" be an alien that Crown picked up when they were "out of this world" in 2014?
  6. MPutnam

    Spirit of Atlanta 2018

    Just an old sweet song...
  7. MPutnam

    Pittsburgh, PA - June 28, 2018

    Good luck tonight Spirit!
  8. MPutnam

    Carolina Crown 2018

    I find it odd that there has not been much discussion about Crown's ballad, specifically the fact that there is a small all female treble brass ensemble (8 trumpet / 6 mellophone / 2 baritones) and that the baritones and remaining trumpets and mellophones all switch to trombone for the ballad! I mean there are 40 something trombones out there!
  9. MPutnam

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Saw the 1st uniformed run through tonight. Uniforms look good on the field. The only issue I have is the dangling sleeve. It makes the drill look dirty. Take some scissors to those things now!
  10. MPutnam

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Sleestak's are prone to make electronic sounds...coincidence?
  11. MPutnam

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Nothing to see here folks...move along.
  12. MPutnam

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Sharing is a pic of this swag.
  13. MPutnam

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Not 100% sure, but I think the pitch bend is part brass / part electronics.
  14. MPutnam

    Carolina Crown 2018

    No trombones in this section!