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  1. Musically, it’s my favorite section. Visually, not so much.
  2. I mean even the Boy Scouts are coed now...
  3. On the surface it seems familiar. Beneath the surface...
  4. Top 12 turn on the "Neon" welcome sign, Spirit's "Knocking" on the door to come in!
  5. I wouldn't mind a nod to 2015 with some sheer white see- through fabric covering the hornline at the end of Gabriel's Oboe.
  6. Maybe if Boston added the sound of cash register going "ca-ching" after every time they use that "My shot" sample...
  7. Take the sound you are getting from the Flo feed with a grain (or 10) of salt. The synth to brass balance is a million times better live.
  8. Flo crapped out on me just as scores were being announced...😕
  9. So much violence in World Class this year...🤔
  10. Why are they bullying that kid in the hooded tunic? 😂
  11. Just saw a picture of Boston’s costume. Nice!
  12. 60’s Music could be Stan Kenton. That was his “mellophonium” period. wishful thinking...
  13. I honestly don’t know what the show theme is. I have my suspicions, based on some of the props I have seen them working on but nothing definite. Source Music is a mystery to me, but I am really digging it. Brass and percussion are having a blast playing this book. I suspect this will be a fan favorite this summer!