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  1. First live show was 1999 DCI East in Allentown. SCV was unreal.
  3. Anyone using one of the hotspot devices I listed above?
  4. I figured I would probably have to get something like the AT&T Elevate or the newest Verizon Jetpack. Thoughts?
  5. Moving to a new house, where Comcast and Verizon are not available. No ground cables exist for any ISP, so I guess I'll be forced to use a Hotspot of some kind. Has anyone else used this for fan network broadcasts? Will it work or am I out of luck?
  6. There's plenty of revenue. Profit is a different story.
  7. I think the "everyone hates BD because they win" argument, while correct for a small minority of fans, is vastly overstated. The average fan attends shows to be entertained, and will give it up for an entertaining show, regardless which corps presents it. I love that BD has such talented members, I love BD for the high level of achievement the members attain every year. The shows are extremely well designed. But at the end of the day, the audience by-and-large does not reach the same level of excitement for the shows that they present. They do not produce an emotional response from most of the audience, the way corps like Phantom and Cadets do. It's kind of puzzling actually, to get to the end of a show that's designed so logically, and performed so incredibly well, and not have the urge to go crazy with excitement. But for a lot of people in the crowd, it just doesn't happen. And for the vast majority of those people, it's not because they have 14 championships.
  8. What's up with the different 5-judge panels at different shows? Akron and Louisville had full panels. But the shows since then have been five judges. All have had two Effect judges and two Analysis judges. But the 5th judge has been different. AZ and NM shows had a Visual Proficiency judge (no Brass, Guard, or Perc). TN and MI shows had a Brass judge (no Visual Proficiency, Guard, or Perc). Why? Will there be some kind of rotation of the 5th judge at these smaller non-regional shows? Doesn't this skew the score towards a particular caption? (i.e. having a brass judge as part of the panel probably helps a corps like Crown at the Tennessee show, but had a Percussion judge been on the panel, it would have probably hurt them). If we're trying to save costs by flying fewer judges out to smaller shows, why not just have a 4 judge panel of Effect and Analysis only? At least that way, the overall score isn't skewed towards a particular caption that may be a strength or weakness for the competing corps. Am I missing something here?
  9. I dunno. I think SCV surprises us and pulls out a win.
  10. Right now, my Top 10, chronologically: 1987 SCV 1987 Cadets 1999 SCV 1999 Glassmen 1999 Cavaliers 2000 Cavaliers 2000 Blue Devils 2003 SCV 2004 Blue Devils 2004 SCV
  11. Also don't forget that they were 4th in GE Visual at the first show.
  12. For what it's worth, on the Educational Staff list on the SCV website, Jeff Fiedler is listed as "Program Manager."
  13. BD 2000 and BD 2004, hands down. I actually like both of these shows better than the both of the previous years championship shows (99 and 03).
  14. Buy cheap tickets at the gate, then bring a blanket and sit on the grassy hill next to the upper deck.
  15. 3rd in Music Overall. Captions: Brass - 1st Ensemble - 2nd Percussion - 3rd
  16. I've always really liked the "meat slicer" move that Cavies did, I think it was in 2005. Pretty sick stuff.
  17. The hype of the pivot yes....planting so hard he lost the interval, the upper's always bugged me. Still, the "legend" of that one direction change is pretty impressive. The entire hornline did it in 2005!
  18. 2000 Blue Devils - "Methods of Madness" If I remember correctly, part of the show had 2-sided flags... one side all black, another side with color. Man I love that show.
  19. 87 Bluecoats (Autumn Leaves) 93 Phantom Regiment (Novorissisk Chimes / Fire of Eternal Glory) 93 Cadets (Hymnsong of Philip Bliss) 94 Cavaliers (Humming Chorus from Ivan the Terrible) 95 Phantom Regiment (Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini) 98 Cavaliers (Dance Movements: Lento for the Brass) 98 Cadets (Canterbury Chorale) 99 SCV (Barber Symphony No. 1) 00 SCV (Adagio) 03 Phantom Regiment (Lord's Prayer) 05 Crown (Angel) 05 Cadets (Dancer in the Dark) 08 Bluecoats (The Boxer) Honestly, for a long time I didn't like SCV's ballad in 1999. I loved the show, but usually tuned out, or even skipped over the ballad. But over time, I enjoy it more and more. The nuances are tremendous... it was perfect for that show. Another less-talked-about ballad which deserves more credit is Cavaliers 1994.