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  1. Well, Well, Well, it's been years since I have posted on DCP, but when my phone blew up with everyone calling me about this post I felt compelled to respond. The conversations about an evaluation show started in the fall and was debated at the winter meeting. This is not a new concept, back in the 70's and 80's the DCA started it's season in Mount Carmel and later Danvile PA with exhibition shows and I can tell you I remember finishing the EXIT (yes I'm old) an hour before we went on the field and that was with 50 pages of drill. In the 90's we had evaluation shows, the DCA brought in all of the judges and the judges meeting was at a nearby hotel for all of the corps and BTW it was the second weekend of June. Why did it come up for this year? We have been having problems getting corps to sign up for he show because they did not believe they would be ready with a complete show. Mr. Adcock was on the money with his explanation why this is happening, between, winter percussion programs, guard season going until the first weekend in May, band trips, proms, graduations just to name a few issues that come up and lets not forget they are learning 120 sets with choreography. Many of the corps don't have a full corps until the beginning of June so we can understand the problem. With the costs of putting a corps on the field, I hope you can appreciate why they want to put their best foot forward and not be judged with an incomplete show. To the person talking about the lack of interest in the show, tickets sales are up from last year. It is our hope to put together a fan favorite phone app so the fans can be the judge. The truth is the Wildwood weekend has always been a great weekend to get the show on the field but more important it is to give our members a chance to get to the jersey shore before a long season. We hope next year that more corps will take advantage of this opportunity to get their corps in front of a crowd. Peace Out!!
  2. Ticket sales are going very well, but we still have good tickets available, Don’t believe the rumors that we are sold out right now and miss out on the best show of the season so far. The ticket booth will open at 11AM at the stadium, For the best tickets you want to come early. I will let everyone know when we are sold out. The day of the show number is 973-945-5912 call only if you have questions, ticket sales will not be taken on that phone. See you at the 50th Annual Grand Prix
  3. Dan we can't wait to give you some northern hospitality. Don't work to hard on the 4th we will see you next Friday!!
  4. We are only 3 weeks into the season and the competition is Fierce!! The 50th Annual Drum Corps Grand Prix Presented by the Hawthorne Caballeros Is just around the corner and we expect it to be a total sell out. Last year at Clifton Stadium attendance was almost 3500, this year having to change the venue because of construction we only have 2020 seats to sell. With 7 of the top ten corps in the line up and a total of 12 corps performing for you this is a great opportunity for you to see for yourself what everyone is talking about this season. you don’t want to miss this years 50th Annual Grand Prix!! If you are waiting to buy tickets at the door you will be on the outside looking in. Go on line today to www.crowntickets.com And secure your tickets for the biggest show of the regular season!! July 12, 2014 Passaic County Technical Institute 45 Reinhardt Rd. Wayne, NJ 07470 Start 6:30 PM Featuring: Sunrisers, LI, NY Windsor Regiment Bushwackers, Princeton, NJ CV, Atlanta, GA Hurricanes, CT Cadets 2, Allentown, PA Fusion, Dover, NJ Buccaneers, Reading, PA Caballeros, Hawthorne, NJ Also in Exhibition: Bayonne Bridgemen New York Skyliners Alumni Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni For Tickets: www.CrownTickets.com www.cabs.org or call 973-709-0500 Ext 1501 $24.00 Reserved Seating
  5. Thanks for all of the great comments on the show it's going to be a great season, the Cabs are looking forwards to Bridgeport next weekend. I have been with the corps for a long time and we have always had hard working corps. But the 2014 Cabs Corps are SICK in a great way. They never let up, they are so into the show and perfecting their craft. We welcome all to any of our rehearsals they are a treat to watch. FYI Sopranobugle, The reason no penalties were given to the corps who was warming up during the competition part of the show was because the corps warming up were exhibition corps. Hope to see you all July 12th for the 50th Annual Drum Corps Grand Prix, 9 competing corps, and 4 exhibitions, go to www.Crowntickets.com for tickets
  6. The 10th Annual Cabs at the Beach is in the books, I want to thank the City of Wildwood and Mayor Troiano for their continued support to of the Caballeros and the DCA. Thank you to all of the corps, Windsor Regiment and Fusion Core for putting on wonderful performances so early in June. Congratulation to the Reading Buccaneers on your victory last night and a Thank you to our very own Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni Corps, your support of the competing corps is second to none, what we have no other drum corps family can match. I want to thank the fans for making this in my opinion one of the best weekends in Drum Corps, once again selling out for the 10th year in a row. Lastly, we the Adminstaion of the corps want to thank the members, staff and support staff for all of your hard work during the off season getting the 2014 Caballero corps ready for battle this season. If your performance Saturday night is any indication of what is in store it's going to be a great ride. We look forward to seeing everyone during the season, and don't for get to get your tickets for the 50th Annual Drum Corps Grand Prix, Saturday July 12th, 13 drum corps will be performing this year. Tickets are available at www.CrownTickets.com
  7. ***For Immediate Release*** Media Contact: Kevin Philbin, www.hawthornecaballeros.org Jupiter Quantum Series Marching Brass visit: www.QuantumMarching.com.
  8. Jeff to answer your question, we would have like to have more corps in the show but they were not going to be ready. None the less the corps that are in the show have all had great winters and will be putting on one hell of a show. Lets not forget Wildwood is not just about the contest, their is the show before the show. Friday night is always great for the fans, the corps practices are always open to the public. You don't get that kind of access during the season, hope to see you there.
  9. The 2014 DCA Season is fast approaching, it's been a long cold winter what better way to get the summer started then to make a trip to Wildwood to see the season kick off. Tickets always sell out get your today!!! 10th Annual Cabs At the Beach June 14, 2014 Maxwell Field Wildwood, NJ Start 6:30 PM Featuring: Windsor Regiment, Windsor, NJ Fusion, Dover, NJ Buccaneers, Reading, PA Caballeros, Hawthorne, NJ Also in Exhibition :: Raiders Cabs Alumni For Ticket Info: go to www.cabs.org or call 973-709-0500 Ext 1501 Tickets $18.00 General Admission Seating
  10. Well the 10th addition of the Cabs at the Beach season openers is in the books. My thanks go out to Mayor Troiano,the City of Wildwood , North Wildwood, Wildwood Crest and Lower Township parks and recreation for their continued support of the event. On behalf of the Caballeros organization I would like to thank all of the competing corps, you should all be proud of your accomplishment appearing in the first show of the year is not easy and you all put on great performances. Congratulation to the Buccaneers on their victory and best of luck to all the corps for the 2013 season. The Big winner last night was the Fans it looks like it is going to be a great year.
  11. Your welcome Kevin, look forward to seeing the corps later in the season.
  12. John pretty sure I have one from 84 & 85 so I think it goes back to the 80's
  13. This Just In . The extend forecast for Saturday is clear in the low 80’s a great night for Drum Corps. If 12 Drum Corps is not enough starting at 5:00PM we will be treated to a very special performance by the World Famous GasHouse Gang, Playing performance-oriented classic hits from the past 5 decades, Classic Rock, Funk, R&B, Soul, Motown, Blues, Oldies & Doo-Wop. It’s going to be a great night of entertainment, Get to the stadium early enjoy the jam packed evening of entertainment. refreshments will be available by the Hawthorne Boy's and Girls Club and stroll Thur Sovi row. But most important meet up with old friends and make new ones. See you at the 48th Annual Drum Corps Grand Prix.
  14. Their is going to be a cat fight on the field, we have invited the housewives of New Jersey. We will have 4 pairs of the new Dinkle pumps and 5 Housewives on the 50.
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