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  1. hey im wondering about some of the charecteristics of the christian lindberg trombone mouthpieces. I have tried looking online for some specs about the sizes online but havent really found the information i was looking for. Im currently working in a music store and would like to beef up my knowledge about these mouthpieces. Could someone point me in the right direction of where to find this info or share your personal opinons? Thanks!
  2. The concept of circular breathing is pretty easy to understand but difficult to master. It all comes from breathing through the nose, none from the mouth. Here is how i was taught how to do it: 1) Start off with a deep breath, filling to the bottom of your diaphram. 2)Play a comfortable note in middle or lower register. 3)At the beggining of the note "store" some air in your cheeks(dont puff them out) and continure the note untill air supply begins to run low 4)YTwards the end of the air(just judge yourself) flex your cheeks to push out the air that has been stored in them to continue the
  3. I just pretty much did it out of lack of boredom for no particular reason, i havent even used my old 7c mouthpiece since like the 6th grade. It didnt turn out that well anyway. I was plating it using a vinegar/salt bath, a lantern battery, 4 1x4 strips of copper sheet, speaker wire, and a mouthpiece. I just hooked up the 1 piece of wire to the battery and the other to the mouthpiece using an alligator clip. The other piece of wire to the other contact of the battery and then put it through the holes in the copper sheets. i placed both pieces into the vingar and salt bath making sure they would
  4. Common now im not a tuba player....J/K :P But yeah after 2 hours of being hooked up, there was about 2 table spoons of copper mush on the mpc and none really stuck to the mouthpiece, although it did make it look like it was about 300 years old and after running it under the faucet all that came off too. Maybe it was the plating that didnt work with the copper.... KT
  5. So as im writing this im plating an old 7c with copper. Could this be posionous to play on? I dont use a 7c so i wouldnt be playing on it for really any extended amount of time. im pretty doing it out of bordom too( half days all week). Anywho let me know...
  6. Right now i play on a Kanstul CG3 gold plate, it is such a b*tchin mouthpiece, hardly a cheater ( little shallower than a 3c and a wider throat for more air baby) it is a 100 fold improvement over the 13,14,15a4a's i used to play on and even better more consistant range because you play the notes not the mouthpiece. I'll never go back to a tiny cup again.
  7. I dont know, the yamaha Xeno Bb trumpets are mighty nice...
  8. 93 was a pretty awesome year alog with 01'. Moondance, all i have to say...
  9. 99' was SMOKIN"!!!! awesome hornline.
  10. Well mostly for screaming the 14a4a has been a popular choice, monett pieces are getting to be pretty popular on the field and off MFII, BL2, etc Kanstul CG3 not really a screamer piece with a tiny cup or what-have-you but was the lead sop mouthpiece of the majority of BD screamers, that has always been a popular choice piece along with marcinkiewiecz mouthpieces.
  11. Lip slurs and arpegios in all registers, high and low, cromatically, etc will work wonders. Take baby steps, focus on air and tone, oh and a big thing for playing high... THINK FAR NOT HIGH. The Vizutti method books cover all kids of lip slurs and stuff, arbans is also a good book for that too.
  12. Comming from a trumpet player i would suggest to someone learning how to play trumpet, pick a mouthpiece that is comfortable to your likeing and have a semi decient sound. That second part isnt important because you are learning and tone comes from work and experiance on the horn. Just find something, throw it in there and work on the fundamentals. Once you get experiance then you may want to look into upgrading your mouthpiece.
  13. I really liked the guy from 97' ,he was wailin, Jeff was an awesome soloist these past years, Larrie was and still is unbelieveable, and the guys from 93', sorry not really sure on names, but they all were rockin soloists.
  14. Yeah makes em all purdy. I was warned not to boil them too much, the plating comes off. Im not going to boil them a bunch and find out.
  15. Writghts is easy to use, put it on and wash it off, dry horn with towel, style hair in finish....