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  1. All of this. I understand the story will get more legs very soon (as in this weekend) and I feel that both YEA and DCI (if not all corps) really need to have solid statements out before Sunday morning.
  2. Refresh my memory, when was PSU removed from competition? (They weren't) Yes, they faced very serious penalties (most of which were ended early) but they never missed a football game.
  3. Agreed, but the article also mentioned that no women spoke with the board. That makes me wonder if they were approached, if they didn't trust the board, or something else. Whatever happens, this is a pretty critical time for DCI. The corps and high school band world is so very intertwined, this has to be handled properly or there will be long-term repercussions. For just one example, it's already hard enough to find housing for all corps at all shows. Having something like this hanging over the activity will only make it that much harder, especially if it's not handled well.
  4. I agree that the Cadets are bigger and should survive this. How it is handled going forward will determine if that actually happens. And yes, I agree that things should be better in the long run as this is something that has been around the activity for decades. It's about time to clean it up.
  5. Exactly. I am having very little sympathy towards anyone who (allegedly) did this or allowed it to happen. I am far more concerned with the victims here. Nine women spoke out now, I have to wonder how many more may finally feel safe enough to do so now that the story is out there.
  6. I realize that nothing has been proven and we should all wait for that, but I also know several people in the organization (past and present) and this has been something hinted at for years.The people I know (mainly guard members from the past who marched in the 80s) know some of the women involved and 100% believe them.
  7. Came here for the first time in a long time, was similarly surprised that you had just posted this. As I mentioned elsewhere, I doubt that this is a problem limited to the Cadets, and I hope that our entire activity does some deep soul searching on this matter. I hope that every incidence is completely and fairly investigated, and any proven offenders are punished severely, including lifetime bans from the activity. Anything less than that could mean the end of our activity.
  8. Derp. Thanks. That's what I get from browsing their site on my phone.
  9. Yup. As soon as I saw this post, I ordered Essentials 3. Too many great shows on that one to not own it.
  10. I assure you that they are just as competitive as other corps, they simply are hindered by their decision to keep the corps accessible, therefore sacrificing early season rehearsals. As far as making the cut for Friday, this is the first time since they moved to World Class that they haven't done so, so I am not sure where that came from. I guarantee those kids are heartbroken (or at least were last night, I just saw a video of the run they did today and it seemed like they were just fine) but they will move on.
  11. Heh. :) Good point about documenting it as well. I am sure that BD (or OC) won't make that mistake again.
  12. While this makes sense at face value, why was there a video turned in, and to whom? I would assume that if there were roving DCI folk that they could enforce such a violation without need of video. (I realize I am making assumptions, just curious is all).
  13. Ah! I learned something today, so thank you. I will rephrase: "Which raises the question... who turned them in?"
  14. True, but the live stream before the theater being free has also been standard practice for several years now. It's a new year and new service, so it's possible that things have changed.
  15. More Gordon Goodwin? Yes, please. Excited by the announcement!
  16. Check out a new video from Janina Gavankar, performing a cover of the EDM tune "Don't Look Down" with 50 members of Surf. Way to go guys! #JustAddDrumCorps http://youtu.be/AETjNfRPhPI